A brief Guide To Help You Keep On Top Of Moving Home

Moving home is one of life’s great stressors. The list of things to organise feels like it’s never ending and the worry that can place on top of shifting our life to a new place can be overwhelming. Hopefully, you are reading this article with a good couple of months before moving day. You’ll find a quick guide here to keeping your head above water and making your move as pain free as possible. We’re going to do this in stages, so read on for stage one:

Once you’ve found a place

So, the ball is truly rolling and you’ve found that dream home. Now, don’t sit and wait for the moving day to come around! Instead, start planning now. The first thing you want to do is phone a removal company, preferably one that offers storage. They can be booked up well in advance so do this early to avoid disappointment. Next, try shopping around for a mortgage as a little bit of effort can save you a lot of money. You’ll also want to start getting the boxes in for your move and even start packing away those non-essential items you’re not going to miss. Once you’ve done this, it’s time for stage two…

Getting your life together

This stage involves the careful consideration on what your new living quarters needs and what you don’t need. You’ll want to be thinking of furniture and any decorating arrangements for your new place, as well as any maintenance work that needs to be carried out. As for your existing home, you need to have a proper spring clean. Be ruthless and throw away any goods that you don’t really need. This can be difficult but do it and you’ll feel much better. Pack up all the goods that can afford to be in boxes for a few weeks and then store them elsewhere if you can. If you picked a good removal company, then they’ll have the storage facilities there.

Let people know you’re going

Stage three involves phone calls and lots of them. Everyone company and person you have in your life should be getting that all-important call at this stage to hear the news of your move. If you do have the time, it can be worth looking at some of the rates in your new area, as your current utilities companies may not be the cheapest or the best in your new home.

Now it’s crunch time

If you’ve followed this plan then chances are it’s just a couple of weeks before your move and you need to get the last arrangements sorted. In the final stage you’ll want to start slowly dismantling your house, leaving yourself with only the bare essentials. Remember to pack everything away neatly. Clearly label your boxes to make this task easier. It can also be a good idea to buy fresh food and have plenty of clothes pre-washed so you can do away with the freezer etc.  Fully clean your house for the new arrivals, pack a moving bag with change of clothes / toothbrush / food etc. and you’re good to go.

Hopefully this guide will help you formulate a good plan of action. Each move is different so take that into consideration. However, the order of things listed here is pretty much the same for any move, so if you follow this advice you should be fine…and good luck!

Stuart Withers is a professional copywriter and serial house mover. He’s seen a fair few humble abodes in his time. Currently living in London, he recommends Capital Moves for relocating in this area. They are fully insured, help with everything, and even offer storage space to facilitate a smooth move. Try them and move with ease.