A Brief History Of SEO

All of us use SEO in one way or another every time we use the Internet and any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on. As soon as you type in a keyword phrase in your search bar, the whole point of Search Engine Optimization starts to unravel in front of your own eyes. After only a second or even less, you get the results you have been looking for, or more precisely the results that your search engine deems relevant to your search

SEO Has Changed Significantly Over the Time
If you were to go back through time and start typing in the exact same keyword in a search box of any search engine you like, you would see exactly how the whole concept of text-based Internet search has changed as time passed by. Namely, you would get completely different results from the same keyword if you typed it in every month for instance, and this is not only because new websites would appear but also because search engine algorithms would constantly be changing.

When Did It All Start?
Basically, the idea of Search Engine Optimization started with the appearance of Yahoo in 1995, and this starting SEO was a practice that had nothing to do with the modern SEO techniques. However, things started changing the day they happened, and the idea of Search Engine Optimization never ceased to evolve around new and better ones.

What Has Changed In SEO Until Today?
Here are some of the most important things that have changed in Search Engine Optimization during the years:

  • Well, the most important part of the changes made to SEO is in fact the idea that anything goes. When it was first born as a practice, the rules of Search Engine Optimization were pretty much anyone’s guess. Namely, what is today considered to be black hat SEO and severely penalized by search engines was then just an experiment with these new and exciting techniques.
  • Aside from this, on-page SEO was basically the only thing that mattered in SEO, and all you had to do in order to rank high in search engine results is to make sure your website was accessible by search engines and relevant in terms of offering web content that is related to the keywords you were targeting.
  • Another big difference between ‘old school’ and modern SEO is the fact that user signals were not considered to be important at all. Namely, things like click through rates and bounce rates, as well as search patterns, were not used to establish the credibility or the popularity of any website.

All in all, it can be said that Search Engine Optimization has changed so much since its early days, and that it will continue to change as long as people continue to use search engine to find what they are looking for. If you are an internet marketer or a website owner, it is a very good idea to stay on top of all these changes and do not let yourself be surprised.

Abhishek is a blogger and is interested in different technologies particularly, mobile technology and high speed internet. He also works as a SEO consultant for a number of SEO firm.