A Brief Look At Unistrut & Compatible Systems

If you work in a trade as an electrician, plumber, builder or perhaps as a joiner, there’s a very strong chance that you’re familiar with the Unistrut product and that you regularly use it in a whole host of applications. From simple cable support systems through to an easy to erect solution for hanging industrial air conditioning units from, there’s no denying the flexibility of Unistrut and it’s something which the manufacturers themselves describe as, ‘a day a quick, economical and easy way of building both temporary and permanent structures as required by electrical, mechanical and industrial services.’ Of course, whilst Unistrut is by far the most popular product of this type, it certainly isn’t the only option, despite that many people think. This, in short, is as a result of Unistrut being the brand term used for the product, very much like vacuum cleaners are regularly referred to as ‘Hoovers’ on a daily basis due to the strong brand presence which is held. To take a look at alternatives, however, we came across in particular this extensive range from Orbital Fasteners.

When it comes to finding an alternative product to Unistrut, it’s generally the case that you need to ensure that it doesn’t just do the same job as Unistrut but that it’s also fully compatible. Whilst there’s a range of alternatives on the market, a common mistake is to purchase one of these with the intention of combining it with an existing Unistrut system only to find that it’s not compatible.

When shopping around though, you’ll find that there is systems which are fully compatible with original Unistrut products and, as far as we are concerned, this is great news for the construction industry! For far too long, there’s been a sole reliance upon Unistrut and whilst there’s no denying that the products are great, having one main manufacturer of a product keeps prices high and offers very little in the form of alternatives.

Above all, if you’re for whatever reason looking at alternatives which arellt compatible with Unistrut, you’ll be pleased to know that there is options out there and that you shouldn’t have to look far at all to find them!