A Collaborative Effort To Making The World A Better Place

A Collaborative Effort To Making The World A Better Place

The issue of collaboration and combining efforts to achieve a goal seem to be on the decline with the Internet and its different resources taking all the time in the world especially as young adults and even teenagers are becoming increasingly addicted to their computer systems and mobile devices.

Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter have been able to bring people from across the globe together with a single click. It is, however, unfortunate that even as these platforms seem to be of great help in bridging the gap that would ordinarily exist between people far away from one another, the relationships that used to exist some few decades ago are no longer as easy to find. The relationship  where people could get help from others in order to complete a project, make a difference, get things done.

The good old days had teenagers and young adults collaborating with one another to execute projects, and this not only ensured the successful completion of these projects, but it also promoted a positive and healthy relationship among them.

Two sisters, Aysia(17) and Nyako(14) Saadiq, have come up with an idea that can be best described as a collaborative social media platform that perfectly matches the concept of social media with the concept of togetherness to allow for the collaboration of efforts in a fun way to promote healthy living and a better world, the website www.sonderr.com.

It is no news that the feminine folks are somewhat treated as inferior especially when compared to their male counterparts. This discrimination ranges from the workplace to schools, and even shopping malls. It is even more pronounced when one is colored and has to deal with the unfortunate scourge of the tech industry, where women are either not recruited by tech companies or are not accorded the deserved respect if some of these firms ever employ them.

The creativity and ingenuity in these ladies were triggered by this unfortunate phenomenon of gender and color discrimination. And the passion for making the world a better place with the collaborative effort of anyone to contribute their quota by developing this platform that allows anyone and everyone with a passion or problem to get help and support from others.

These ladies have decided to take the bulls by the horns and take charge of their destiny even as they help others to follow their passion and leverage on the support provided by youths and even adults to follow through with their desire.

The concept of Sonderr is not only based on the premise of collaboration, but it is also based on the belief that everyone is born with a creative mind, and it also requires some motivation and support to stimulate the creativity. Sonderr, therefore, provides the platform that allows for the collaboration of different creative minds.

Sonderr gets even better as it a comprehensive platform that provides an opportunity for people of diverse passion be it art, education, mathematics, photography, business, or even screenplays to come together to brainstorm in a fun and positive environment. Here you can submit good quality guest post. Site admin is very generous and can give you change to publish your post with them.

Every individual is unique in his or her way, and the teenagers behind Sonderr are motivated to use this uniqueness to make the world a better place. One of the major concerns for people wanting to join such platforms is the cost involved as in most cases, clubs that offer such opportunities require that intending members make some payment to sign up. Sonderr is, however, open to everyone across the globe without the need to make any payment. This is more than a plus for users as all the support and help from collaboration with others can be gotten for absolutely free.

The world is what we make of it and can only get better with the contribution of everyone. Just as these girls are making their little contribution to make the world a better place, every other person including organizations should do the same and walk the talk. From lending a helping hand to this project in the form of sponsorship to the spread of the word about Sonderr, no effort is too little or too small to make a difference.

 “Do whatever you want to do, let’s just do it together.” –Sonderr