A Contemporary Face For The Sacred Band

The traditional men’s wedding ring has evolved beyond the plain band that has been so common in the past. Men have discovered the need to express the individual significance of their love and union through the band that stands for the unbreakable bond they have formed. Mens wedding rings are now available in a huge variety of precious metals that allow for elegant designs and durable craftsmanship. Combining diamonds with precious metals allows for the man in the union to wear a companion ring that truly compliments the band of the bride.

Contemporary designs for wedding rings concentrate on combining precious materials with nuanced design. Designer rings accomplish this combination using any number of materials. Titanium, platinum, and tungsten metals are all popular materials to form the band that symbolizes your life-time union. The subtle beauty of a man’s ring can even combine metals. Two-tone mens bands provide a stunning contrast of silver and gold metals and this design is eye catching; it is a piece of jewelry that shines with beauty while not appearing too flashy.

Modern men want to have a touch of elegance without the risk of the piece appearing to be over-stated. Other popular choices include braided bands or designs using timeless interlace patterns. Celtic designs have also risen in popularity. As couples discover the heritage that has brought them to the point of discovering love in their own lives, they are able to be reminded of the journey they have made with their partner.

Despite the vast number of contemporary designs for mens rings; the traditional band still enjoys a large degree of popularity. Plain gold bands are still a solid choice to mark the special occasion. Often, a small pattern etched onto the outer rim of the band gives the touch of distinguished beauty that is called for. It is also still fashionable to choose matching bands for both the bride and the groom. The choices for matching bands are just as numerous as the designer choices. Matching patterns can partner the mens ring with the bride’s band even when they are made from different metals in different widths. All bands can be personalized even beyond this point. Laser engraving techniques can be applied to any band you choose. There is hardly a better way to add a personal touch for this kind of sacred symbol.

Mens wedding rings can be engraved with imagery that reflects any religious background. Christian designs in platinum or gold rings solidify all the commitments one has within their heart. Modern production processes also allow for two toned designs of the same precious metal. Tungsten and palladium toned bands are a great way to achieve an understated beauty. The personality of your love can be captured in the bands you exchange. Multiple diamonds or small encased precious stones can make the statement for the commitment that exists. Whether traditional or contemporary, mens wedding rings are an important part of the bond that the wedding vows symbolize.

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