A Convenient Source of Protein – High Calorie Protein Shakes

A Convenient Source of Protein - High Calorie Protein Shakes

High calorie protein shakes are a good source of protein intake not only for muscle growth, but also maintaining it, and you lose weight when you need to break down fat and maintain maximum lean body mass. The protein concentrate should be a basic supplement after which reaches at all stages of training preparation. Depending on what objectives we want to achieve, we should opt for high calorie protein shakes.

Muscle Volume

If we practice to increase muscle mass, it is necessary for us, a form of protein that is quickly absorbed by the body and therefore has a strong anabolic effect.

If this fact will convert to a normal life, it will be very prominent example e.g. breast milk and its protein ratio. Human milk contains whey protein and casein in a ratio of about 4: 1, thus the opposite than e.g. in normal cow’s milk. The latest method of micro-filtration (CFM) from dairy sources prepare quality whey protein (concentrate or isolate) containing 50 -95% proteins that are quickly digested with an excellent amino acid profile, approaching the profile of breast milk. Therefore, it is important in the volume training, just whey protein with fast absorbency and administered in smaller doses throughout the day. Thus, the body utilizes strong anabolic effect of such proteins, when each doses of about 30 g to increase by 50% the level of protein synthesis in the body. When the volume we can prepare the most suitable sources of protein supplements consider whey protein isolate, concentrate, hydrolyzate or a combination thereof.

Diets or Firming and Shaping

If we try to reinforce the character and get rid of fat, protein, we need to protect lean muscle mass. The most appropriate is a protein that is absorbed into the body more slowly due to cleavage of the low calories protein shake supplies the body with the necessary ingredients for longer e.g. cottage cheese because of its high content of casein are absorbed into the body more slowly. A suitable form supplements appear in this case, and isolate or concentrate in combination with casein, egg or soy protein.

Protein Sources Used for Protein Supplements:

– Whey source (concentrate or isolate): whey proteins are excellently soluble in water and are rapidly digested and well with an excellent amino acid profile, approaching the profile of breast milk and a considerable proportion of immunoglobulins, supporting immunization. Moreover, if a given form of the protein is cleaved, arises hydrolyzate, which is characterized by high content of free, easily absorbable amino acids and chains in the form of oligopeptides and polypeptides.

– Whey protein concentrate: Whey protein concentrated contains 70 to 85% whey protein, the remainder being ballast substances for milk protein e.g. lactose. For this reason, it is a lower quality form proteins (due to the presence lactose intolerant).

– Whey protein isolate: It contains 90-98% protein and only 1% fat and lactose. It is a high-quality form of protein.

– Casein (or its salt of casein): It contain about 90% pure protein. Their advantage is a slower process and therefore gradual supplying of the organism amino acids. Related to this is perhaps partly satiety. The drawback of casein is inferior water solubility and worse digestibility.