A Detailed Overview Of The Various Stair Nosing Materials

A Detailed Overview Of The Various Stair Nosing Materials

Safety is a major concern, whether it is residential or commercial sector. One of the prominent areas where people encounter accidents is the stairs. In order to take necessary measures, nothing seems to be more effective than opting for stair edging. They can not only ensure safety but also help in enhancing the look of the structures to a great extent. This is the reason why, architects and even the interior designers are increasingly opting for this system.

The major role of stair edging is to make the stairs safe for use. For the purpose of stair nosing, an additional material is being used which offers additional space and proper visibility. Most of the owners prefer stair nosing, as it makes the stairs look very attractive thereby change the entire look of the house. Their availability in various shapes, colors, sizes and textures makes the stairs look truly amazing. This is the reason why people make use in industries as well.

Let us find out the materials that were and are used particularly for this purpose.


This is a material which has been used since ages. Aluminum is known for its strength and durability. Unlike previous days, today various types of designs and shapes of aluminum stair nosing are available in market. This conventional material has the capability to withstand loads and hence prove to be a perfect material for industrial usage.

Stainless Steel:

The concept of stair nosing is since ages and stainless steel is one such material that has gone hand-in-hand with it. Undoubtedly, steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability, but as they have the tendency to react with air and water, they become susceptive to rusting on the long run. Hence, making use of steel stair nosing is not always a wise thought. Stainless steel is the material that is precisely manufactured in a way that it fits perfectly for industrial areas.

Low maintenance cost, non-corrosive, easy installation and lesser price in comparison to other material have made it ideal for usage in industries.


This is comparatively less old than the previous two. Use of rubber for stairs is certainly an excellent idea. As rubber itself is adhesive in nature and is known as an anti-slip material, using them as stair capping can certainly lessen the chances of accidents. Above all, they are available in outstanding designs, colors, and textures. No maintenance cost and excellent durability of rubber makes them an ideal substitute.

Fibre Reinforced Plastic:

Last but never the least, is FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). The advent of this material is a result of advancement in science and technology. The surprising fact about these materials is that they can be manufactured as per requirement and available at a very less price. This material is lightweight; however, its strength can be compared to the traditional materials. In addition to this, they are impact and corrosion resistant which makes them the only choice for engineers these days.

For the purpose ofstairnosing,recent times various kinds of materials are being used. Previous days, these were usually done with conventional materials, with the advancement in technologies; more sturdy materials have emerged that ensures proper safety.