A Dressing Gown For Every Occasion

There are some gifts that are just perfect for every occasion and every person – yes really, from your two year old niece to your granddad, and even your partner!
So what are these mystery gifts? Well, we all know one of them – chocolates! I’ve only met one person in my life who didnt like chocolate and even she could enjoy a Milkybar with a bit of persuasion.
Chocolate is a little passé though, a little overdone. It just looks like you’ve put no effort into choosing, especially if the occasion is a special one.
So what else? Well, personally, I think the humble dressing gown is the perfect gift choice!

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Young Children
What little kid doesn’t own a dressing gown? Even newborn babies have little towelling wraps or babygros to keep them toasty and comfortable!
A child will love anything with his or her favourite character on, so novelty dressing gowns always go down well. You could even buy one that’s part dressing gown, part dressing up – a dressing gown designed like a costume of their favourite cartoon character, or a cat gown with pointy ears on the hood, will be loved by all who are under 10 years old, believe me!
Dressing gowns become such a staple during childhood that teens from 13 to 19 will still love one! They’re just so comfortable, perfect for lounging in on a Sunday morning whether you’re doing your homework from school or trying to survive a hangover after a wild night out with your friends!
Stick to soft and comfy towelling styles and for the boys keep it simple, but most girls will still be happy in something pink and polkadotted!

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Does your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband love lounging around the house in comfortable tracksuits or sleepwear? Again, a soft towelling dressing gown or cotton dressing gown is the perfect choice! Look for quality – buy from a designer brand, which will both look stylish and be durable so it lasts for years to come.
Men, if you’re buying your woman something special for an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s day, put the towelling robe back on the shelf and look for a luxury dressing gown or kimono style robe in silk, satin or linen instead.
Ladies love to receive gifts that are sexy and luxurious, and a silk or other luxury dressing gown covers both bases, being both ultra glamorous and super comfy to wear too. What could be better?
Parents & Grandparents
Is Father’s Day coming up? Or your grandma’s 80th? I think I’ve made it clear by now that everyone appreciates a good dressing gown and your parents and grandparents are no exception.
For Mum or Dad, look for something comfy but stylish. If you think they’d like it you could even go for matching His ‘n’ Hers gowns! In winter, soft towelling fabric is great but in summer a lightweight cotton or linen is just as comfy but won’t leave them sweating in the heat!
For the older generation, comfort is important so find a soft, roomy gown, preferably with a large pocket or two to hold important items such as glasses!
Would you like to receive a dressing gown as a gift? Tell me below!
Michelle Star is a fashion blogger currently writing for Idlewild London, where you can pick up a gorgeous designer dressing gown for him or her at an excellent price!