A Drone attack Kills Al-Qaida’s Abu Yahya Al-Libi

A drone attack from CIA over Pakistani tribal area killed Abu Yahya Al-Libi, who was Al-Qaida’s No.2 leader. Whitehouse spokesman, Jay Carney, on Tuesday, quoted this attack as a “major blow” to what has long been considered as base of global terrorism network. He also added that it will be hard for Al-Qaida now to retort back to their ultimate strength after this attack.

Libi was targeted with three separate drone attacks by CIA over three days, in a village in north-western Pakistan, finally succeeding in destroying a building and a car. The expunged tribal belt was already a home for many Al-Qaida and Taliban militants. American officials didn’t confirm about his demise soon after the attack. They stared monitoring phone and radios to confirm the effect of first attack. Local tribesman started spreading word about his death but American Intelligence, using satellite and other equipment, watched for any sign of his demise. American officials also cited that along with Libi, three to five other militants have also been killed.

The Libyan-born commander was best considered as a fecund propagandist and a leader holding religious credentials. He was the latest of the stars that rose in Al-Qaida after Osama Bin Laden and Zawahiri. After Zawahiri was killed in a drone attack, in August, Libi was appointed in his place.  He was popular in Al-Qaida because of his charismatic personality, his escape from Bagram and scholarly approach. During 1990s, Al-Libi was a member of an Islamic group that attempted to bring down Qaddafi. Al-Libi was never directly related to any terrorist attack but played a vital role in planning strategies against West.

Al-Libi didn’t have America’s attention for the first time. A decade ago, he was captured by American forces and was held in prison at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, until he broke loose and escaped in 2005. Soon after the escape, he started hosting videos to lucubrate on global events and jactitation about his escape from Afghanistan. He also had talks with Pashtun militants who gave Al-Qaida refuge for over a decade. He also pointed out Pakistani’s to overthrow their present Government.

After the dramatic death of Al-Qaida’s leader, Bin Laden, in Pakistan, followed by several drone attacks over tribal belt, the covert operations of America in Pakistan would give birth to another striking moment. America’s concealed approaches towards Pakistan for blowing up terrorist organizations have been in lead for past year, including death of Laden and senior lieutenant Atiyah Abd al-Rahman. The death of Al-Libi can emerge as a mile stone in covert airstrikes for eight years. Despite of Pakistani exasperated attitude over these strikes, it has always been the most effective tool for United States to fight militancy. Pakistan kept an appreciative posture over these attacks in past but in recent drone attacks, which killed 24 Pakistanis, have somehow devolved Unites States and Pakistan’s relation.

With that success of hunting down Al-Qaida’s militants and cornering them, new attempts of attacking West targets are likely hap by radical groups that assort in Yemen and Somalia.