A Few Things To Think About – Promoting Your New Business

Starting a new business is stressful. Try to give yourself a helping hand, get your name out there.Seeing your name plastered over the paper or printed finely on a business card can be a rather
satisfactory experience. Here are a few helpful areas to focus on when promoting your new pride and joy.
In this day and age a web presence should be first and foremost on your list of promotional plans.Your website should be an extension of your business, so perhaps come up with a snappy logo in
advance that can be applied to the website and all other promotional material. But the websiteacts as a hub, where prospective customers and clients can find contact information and most importantly what the company is about. An attractive website means making or losing business, so think about it in depth.

Advertise in your local newspaper
We might neglect print in favour of gathering our information from computer screens, but never underestimate the power of a newspaper, especially a local one. People still read local papers,probably more than nationals. The main source of local information is still to be found in your localrag. By having a business you are part of that local info. You usually pay more depending on the size of the advert and the frequency it appears in the paper. Trial it for a couple of months, if you believe its providing the right service for you, make it a regular thing. A dependable local business is what
every community wants, so even if you dream of going global look after the small things first, they’re very important.
Promotional items
Everybody loves a freebie, and it works in your favour hugely if it’s a good one. This whole matter goes hand in hand with your logo, a good logo will be remembered, whether it’s attached to the
surface of a 20ft billboard or printed on the side of a rubber. In fact I’d rather have the rubber.Items such as usb sticks are very cheap these days but are functional; also, everybody loves a good
pen. Get creative, think about what your business offers and maybe find a promotional item that expresses this well.The best way of making success of your new business is to promote yourself well and try to reach the right people. Going to trade fairs are also a good way of getting your name, promo items and face around. At the end of the day it’s all about presence. For instance, say you run a plumbing
company, when someone’s pipe breaks you want them to think of you first. Think about the businesses you trust and use, how do they present themselves? Take some inspiration.
John Burgess – Blogger and Promotional Merchandise Expert