A Florist’s Guide On How To Choose Wedding Flowers

Are you a bride-to-be? If yes then, you may be surrounded by so many wedding related questions such as, what to wear? And what accessories would match with those costumes? It becomes tough for you to determine the actual expenses. To stay out of this horrible situation, you need to make a budget for each & all tasks.

Since, the budget will give your wedding expenses a boundary and you’ll love to stick with it as you have planned on your own. You can simply ask any florist for in-season, reasonable and enchanting flowers, he will definitely suggest you ROSES. However, send roses in London is a reliable option having online flower delivery services.

Still, there are certain things that needs your special attention while picking flowers for big day. Have a look!…

Tell Your Story

Your wedding ceremony comes up with a bunch of tasks to start working on days before your wedding day. Your tasks start from invitation and venue deciding to your attire. These all come together as a single story. What is your main task on the wedding day?

Your main task is, to select the best combination of flowers that can simply represent your wedding theme and your creativity. Florists have a deep vision about what will be the best and what will be the worst. Still, as a bride, you can suggest him to include your favourite blooms.

Just, be completely prepare before meeting to a florist. You can take help of your friends or colleagues whoever had just marriage. Also, you can take help from magazines and Pinterest. Once you become familiar with your vision, you can easily communicate with your florists.

Choose carefully

It is recommended that you should start the process before 9 to 12 months of your wedding day. However, less time requires for outside peak wedding seasons like May to October. Remember that, during peak seasons floral and design services are in high demand, so it is better option to book two years in advance.

While choosing a florist, know what you actually want and do research from your end. It is common to meet different florists before making your decision. You should try to be clear and transparent with your florist so that he will get the idea about your choices and can create the floral arrangements according to your taste.

Be prepare for the consultation

The very first consultation can be your fun-full and collaborative experience and it can give you different opportunity to explore various options. To have a deep insight, you should come up with some basic information. The florist will ask about preferred flowers and colors, venue, date and time of the wedding.

You need to be more focused while selecting flowers for bouquet because it should be matched with your wedding decorations. Mostly, bridesmaid’s bouquets include pops of color that match with groomsmen’s accessories or can complement the bridal bouquet.

Some florists ask for color samples or photos of the dresses so that he can plan the decoration accordingly.

At the ceremony

If you want to choose flowers for the ceremony, you should consider your budget as well as the venue. Floral accents on pews can even be transported to the reception site and can be reused as table centerpieces to give a wedding cake an amazing look.


How true the saying is, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. This sentence fits in case of selecting flowers or florist. It plays a major role if you become familiar with your florist because both of you will communicate and create decoration as per your desire and also in your budget. There is nothing wrong in being frank rather than disappointed. So, be frank and discuss your needs!