A Guide To Different Styles And Designs Of Coffee Cup And Saucer Sets

You could drink your morning coffee out of a mug. But depending what you’re drinking: espresso, cappuccino, a latte, an Americano or a straightforward filter coffee, then you might want to drink from a more stylish cup that has been designed with the type of coffee in mind.
The difference between a tea cup and a coffee cup is generally in the shape and material used. Tea cups normally come in a more bowl-like shape with thin, delicate handles. They are usually made of thinner china and are often decorated. Tea cups can often be seen to be delicate and more feminine-looking.
Coffee cups are usually much thicker and have a solid handle. You might like to drink your filter coffee from a simple chunky cylindrical-shaped cup, that’s more like a mug. This is a lot more solid, often coming in a single colour and simpler in decoration – it might even be said to look a bit more ‘masculine’. The most important thing however, is that the coffee cup should have better thermo-resistance.  (Tea is served much hotter, whereas good coffee is made with water that is not quite boiling.)
Espresso cups
Espresso is a concentrated ‘shot’ of coffee, where the nearly boiling water has been forced under pressure through extra finely ground coffee beans to produce a thicker consistency, stronger flavoured brew. With more caffeine per volume, it usually comes in smaller doses – 30 millilitres for a single ‘shot.’
Typically an espresso cup has a 60-90 ml capacity, which is half the size of a conventional full-sized coffee cup which is usually around 120 ml. Traditionally they are made of white porcelain or pottery with matching saucers. Some demi-tasses come in glass with a metal frame.
Espresso cups usually come in small, cylindrical mug-shaped cups, or demitasse coffee cups that look like miniature bowl-shaped cups.


Popular in coffee shops everywhere is the Cappuccino which is made from a shot of espresso, the same amount of hot milk and a third of the cup is topped with steamed milk foam (the name is derived from the colour of the habits of Italian Capuchin friars).
As this is a nice long drink, it will be served in a large coffee cup.

Caffè macchiato
Similar to the Cappuccino, the coffee is also made from espresso but with a small amount of milk that just ‘stains’ (macchiato) the coffee. Caffè macchiato is usually served in an espresso-sized cup.

Caffè latte and latte macchiato
Like a Cappuccino, a caffè latte is made from espresso and milk, but usually with two shots of espresso and no steamed foam as a topping. Caffè latte only differs from a latte macchiato in that the milk is added to the coffee afterwards, rather than the other way round. However, the caffè latte has a stronger coffee taste than the macchiato.
Both are long drinks and are usually served in the same style cups as Cappuccinos, or sometime in a tall glass.

Made by adding hot water to espresso, this can also come served in a long tall glass, or a large-sized coffee cup.  It is similar in strength to filter coffee, but has a different taste. Filter coffee comes in whatever size you like, but might be more often served in a smaller cup than Cappuccino or latte.

Probably the most important factor determining the style of coffee cup you use will be whether it’s for a long or short coffee. To finish off a meal, coffee is best served in tiny and attractive espresso cups. For breakfast and other times of the day, when a long cup of coffee when maybe it’s a latte, Cappuccino or Americano that is needed, then a nice large cup will be in order. Whatever your desire the Ego range of cups offers a wide selection that will be suitable for most people’s tastes in coffee cups and saucers.
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