A Guide To Different Types Of Golf Bags

A Guide To Different Types Of Golf Bags

A golf bag is the most essential, yet perhaps the most under- estimated item in a golfer’s buying list. But relegating it to a ‘good to have’ status might be a mistake. Yes, a good quality bag can be expensive, yet it is worth your investment, especially if you are aspiring for a long-lasting golfing career. From containing stuff that you don’t want to hold in public to carrying things that you may need every now and then, your golf bag plays the role of a trusted caddy, assisting you throughout the game. From California to Florida and from North Carolina to Texas, city golf courses all around the US showcase the latest hot technologies in golf bags. Lightweight, smartly angled, efficiently compartmentalized, and made of all-weather sturdy fabric, today’s golf bags will simply blow your mind with their styles and varieties. Which one do you need? Should you buy more than one type? How to decide which one is the best? Finding the answer to these questions may be difficult if you do not know the difference among the different types of golf bags. Here is a brief guide to the five popular types of golf bags.

Carry Bags: Buy a lightweight carry bag if you plan to lug the clubs yourself. Usually made of plastic or nylon, these carries minimize the strain on your back and shoulders. In addition to a basic set of clubs, it will also hold your tees and balls. Comparable to cargo pants, these bags are designed to offer a place for almost everything. Choose one that has both backpack-like straps as well as stands for easy transport and convenience.

Staff Bags: Staff bag or tour bag is an ideal choice for those who can afford a caddy for the entire time at the course. With a diameter of eight to 12 inches, these bags are quite large, and therefore heavy. Apart from a complete set of 14 golf clubs, these bags can accommodate almost all accessories a golfer may need. A hot favorite among pro-golfers, staff bags are mostly made of leather. Many top sports brands offer staff bags under their logos, a fact that justifies their high price tag.

Cart Bags: Falling in between a carry bag and staff bag, these bags are mid-weight and have more storage areas. Designed for optimal organization, these bags allow for easy sorting. Buy a cart bag if you are heading to a course where using a golf cart is compulsory.

Stand Bags: Coming complete with two retractable legs, these bags are designed to stand either completely upright (like a staff or cart bag) or rest slanted, allowing for easy access to any club. Use these bags if you plan to walk the course. Lightweight and equipped with ergonomic features, stand bags can be easily carried on shoulders. You can also push or pull it like a cart

Travel Bags and Covers: You cannot call a golf travel cover a ‘bag’ in the true sense of the term. They are more like covers than bag. The idea behind them is to protect your entire bag and your clubs within it. These cover bags feature a padded layer on top for the safety of clubs during long-distance travels. Its in-line skate wheels allow for easy mobility, cushioned handles for ease of carrying and a couple of external pockets to accommodate a few last-minute items. If you are a frequent traveler, this cover bags are an absolute must-have for you.

Whether in Tampa or Texas, the city golf courses are vast and challenging, and call for the use of a complete set of golf clubs and irons. Choose the right golf bag to ensure maximum safety and protection of your prized possession. We are sure our tips will come handy in finding the right bag.

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