A Guide To Kate Middleton’s Jewellery

The Duchess of Cambridge has certainly been keeping the press and general public in a constant state of awe with her own take on classic style! Despite the immense pressure mounted on the Duchess as she’s thrust into the media spotlight, Kate Middleton has perfected a quintessentially elegant style. transforming her into an icon of British fashion. When it comes to Kate’s jewellery it’s no different, as fashion magazines have eagerly seized the photos of the princess, and her flawless taste in jewellery.

You can’t talk about Kate Middleton’s jewellery without mentioning THE ring. It belonged to her husband’s mother, Princess Diana, so the engagement ring has a famous (or infamous) history. It also that binds the late Princess, with her popularity and reputation for style, with Kate. The ring is a remarkable vintage piece, with a glistening crystal blue sapphire enclosed within a set of diamonds. The band, which is worth around £32 million itself, was reported too large for the slim duchess, and had to be altered in order to prevent it from slipping off her finger.
Whilst Kate’s ring has gripped the press’ attention the princess was spotted sporting a charm bracelet last year that was believed to be a gift from her future stepmother in-law Camilla! The bracelet was monogrammed with two C’s either side of a pendant, with one “C” slightly curled for Catherine, and the other “C” surrounded by a circle for “Camilla”. The simple but pretty piece provides a more physical connection between the two duchess’.
Kate may have the fashion world falling to her feet, but don’t expect any diva behaviour anytime soon- this is one princess who likes to keep things simple and modest. The Duchess was reported to have worn a £48 fake diamond necklace designed by Belinda Hadden at an event earlier in the year! The necklace was admired by all of the wealthy guests who had attended St Paul’s Cathedral on the bank holiday in June. The designer sources her fakes from Hatton Gardens, China and India- proving that great style doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth!
The Duchess also shows a flair for a younger and modern look, with pieces like the Lola Rose heart pendant she was seen wearing at the Gatacombe Park Festival. The turquoise quartz pendant hung on a suede cord; which gives her a casual, dressed down look that serves as an alternative to her collection of diamonds and pearls.
Sarah Walley writes for C.S Bedford a family run jewellers in North London.