A Guide To Sponsoring and Hiring Foreign Nationals In The UK

A Guide To Sponsoring and Hiring Foreign Nationals In The UK

The modern world has shrunk considerably as air travel and digitalisation empowers people to travel to places that they would never have thought possible a few decades ago, and many companies are hiring foreign nationals to come to the UK and work. If you wanted to hire a skilled foreign national who is a citizen of a country that is outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the person would have to apply for a Tier 2 visa, which replaces the outdated work permit, and your company would be obliged to sponsor the worker. There are four categories of Tier 2 visa, which are:

#1. Tier 2 General Visa – This type of visa is for workers to fill a position that is skilled, and the position would need to be advertised locally for a minimum of 28 days, which satisfies British Immigration that the sponsor has made sufficient effort to source a British national for the position. The applicant’s command of the English language is graded, as is the expected salary and the sponsor, which enables immigration to calculate a points score. The best way to approach a Tier 2 visa is to contact an experienced immigration solicitor, and there are affordable law firms in London who have all the credentials to offer the very best of assistance in every respect, and can also help in the resident labour market test, which needs to be completed according to the government’s guidelines.

#2. Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer – This type of visa is specifically for multi-national companies that wish to transfer an employee to their UK branch, which might be short or long term. Although considerably easier than the general type visa, it is advisable to seek the help of an experienced UK immigration solicitor, who can ensure that all the relevant documents are submitted in a timely manner.

#3. Tier 2 Sportsperson – This specialised visa is for high level sportspeople who are deemed to be important for the development of sport in the UK, and would include soccer players from inside and outside of the European Union. Any sporting club that wishes to buy a foreign player would hire an experienced immigration lawyer to assist in this type of visa application.

#4. Tier 2 Minister of Religion – This type of visa is for religious people who wish to visit the UK as part of their faith, and might include visiting dignitaries and missionaries. There is a lot of paperwork to prepare for this visa, which is why you should always seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, who can ensure that the visa application is smooth.

Things have always been complicated when applying for a visa to visit the UK, and with Brexit happening, it looks like the process will become even more complex, as politicians look for ways to effectively monitor visitors to the country. There are experienced online law firms who specialise in arranging UK visas, and an online search would point you in the right direction.