A History Lesson In The Art Of American Kenpo

Kenpo is a Japanese fighting art that was brought from China to Japan many years ago. Ed parker trained under Professor Chow, studying the teaching of Kenpo. In 1965 Ed Parkers new ideas emerged.
American Kenpo Karate was founded by Grandmaster Ed Parker who was born on March 21, 1931 in Hawaii.   Edmund Kealoha Parker is the only person who will carry the title of Senior Grand Master, He was known as the irrefutable Father of American Karate, having a significant impact on karate throughout the Western part of the world.

Parker rated the advantages and disadvantages of every single method and in doing so he threw away all traditional techniques of fighting that were not for street fighting or real life attacks. Edmund Parker added his own ideas and theories that were unique to his new emerging style which was called American Kenpo.
American Kenpo is a system of martial arts characterized by various strikes to demonstrate that there are many options if the technique did not work as planned. Ed felt that the new system could be designed to the person according to his size and ability since no two people are alike. He did not want his students to copy him, or to become dolls. He wanted them to become great in themselves.
Ed designed it as a means of teaching the principles, not just a means to teach techniques.He also simplified each method, teaching only the first part of this technique so the student could focus initially on the principle of the move. American Kenpo is the visible expression of the beliefs of Ed Parker, a belief that allows the studying of the same step to be taught countless ways in every direction with each way being the right way.
He made clear that he did not want his students to practice a step time after time without knowing the “why” of the move.  They were to know why and then concentrate on it while practicing.
This was a huge difference to True Kenpo, where a student was taught hundreds of variations and techniques.
Sadly Ed Parker died without leaving a successor December 15, 1990 of a heart attack. In death he became the legendary Ed Kealoha Parker.
However today, there is an institution called American Kenpo International where its main objective is to preserveGrand Master Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate and continue the legitimate lines of rank and heritage that Ed Parker left.
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