A Lifetime Of Glamour – Oscar De La Renta Honoured At Couture Luncheon

Iconic haute couture designer, Oscar de la Renta, was honoured at the 2012 Fashion Institute of Technology’s Couture Council annual luncheon. Receiving the Award for Artistry of Fashion, he was surrounded by a high volume of ladies all parading their favourite de la Renta gown.

The luncheon was so completely crowded with Oscar de la Renta dresses that many have said this is the first time his designs have been so collectively seen outside of his archive warehouse. Famous faces in attendance included Sarah Jessica Parker, Iris Apfel, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Oscar de la Renta

A man that has become known for his dedication to ‘timeless glamour’, extreme femininity, and impeccable designs that flatter the female form, Oscar is the obvious choice for this year’s Artistry of Fashion Award. He joins a long list of celebrated designers, among which include Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld.

Despite sharing their lifetime achievement award and passion for couture in common, there is little else that that could otherwise connect these very different world-class designers. Unlike Karl Lagerfeld, who is known for his opulent designs and out-there fashion statements, Oscar de la Renta has often said that he holds little interest in using shock tactics or impressing people. His sentiments are clearly shared by all the ladies who have looked fabulous in his designs over the years.

De la Renta has clothed like-minded high-profile individuals like Michelle Obama in dresses that truly do flatter their forms. America’s First Lady, who had the night before given a speech to the Democrats, had garnered a lot of talk for wearing a spectacular shimmering Tracy Reese dress. Clearly she’s learnt a thing or two from Oscar, who believes in beauty above taking chances.

In his speech, which was short and sweet, Oscar thanked all the ladies who had supported him over the years, giving special mention to Mrs Furstenberg, Vogues’ Anna Wintour, and Bridget Foley. Despite receiving the occasional bad review from the three ladies seated in front of him, De la Renta made it clear that they had helped him get to where he is today.

Oscar represents “elegance, romance, and glamour”

All Oscar de la Renta has ever wanted to do, in his own words, is “make beautiful clothes.” Receiving a lifetime achievement award for this exact thing, De la Renta was praised by Joyce Brown, the president of the Fashion Institute of Technology, as being synonymous with “elegance, romance and glamour.”

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