A Look At Lip Injection

A Look At Lip Injection

Physical appearance is one of the many factors that people use to form an opinion or an attitude about others. You might even be able to tell where someone comes from by the look of them. There is however minor things within us that others might not notice so quickly but they create the uniqueness in us. This includes the parts of our face which gives us the beauty that is admired by many people. Lips are part of our faces that create our uniqueness. However, not many people are comfortable with their lips and that is why some consider lip injections.

What are they?

Lip injections are medical procedures that are performed by professional physicians at the request of their patients in order to change the appearance of their lips. Some feel that their too lips are too small and unattractive while other might consider changing them based on what people say about them. These are however temporary changes that can last up to six months thus giving the patient the chance to erase them if they don’t like how they turn out. If one can find a good physician with experience on the field, the changes in their lips don’t feel different from normal lips.

The cost

The cost of this procedure depends on the number of layers that one wants, the doctor’s experience and the region where the procedure is performed. It is however and expensive procedure and can cost between 500 to 2000 dollars. The cost of maintenance is however very low as these lips will feel and look no different than regular lips.

The preparation

Before getting your lips done, one is always advice to think through what they want since this an expensive process and sometimes the results cannot be as one thought they would be in their heads. Some of the things to consider include how long you want your lips changed and the exact size you want your lips to be. After the injection, one might not notice the changes immediately and sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to notice these changes. On the issue of the time period that you want your changes to be, it mostly depends on the formula that one chooses or the doctor has available and sometimes this may also depend on the body’s metabolism rate of an individual. The longest period that the changes are known to stay is six months. After this one can always go for another procedure if they liked it and may also choose some adjustments of their own.

The side effects

There are not many identified side effects of these procedures but with some people, the skin of the lips can expand which leaves the skin looking much worse than they were after the filler of the injection is worn out. This does not however happen to everyone and has only been noticed in a few individuals. The best thing to do is having some tests done on you before taking the gig step. The procedure is also addictive since some people might always go back after the first time. This is however, not a bad thing since you will always have what you desire.