A Mac Game For A Different Kind Of Game Player

There is no doubt that the most popular games these days are those that involve shooting or those that are of the role playing genre. Few games are made for those that are not the average video game player, but all that changes with the game Love Story: The Beach Cottage. This game is not meant for young boys looking to vent their frustrations, nor is it meant for little kids that play games for colorful characters and simple game play either. Most simply put, it is meant for your sister, or your mother, or maybe even your grandmother. Love Story is a hidden object game/adventure game, of which there are many for Mac operating systems these days, but one with a bit of a romantic twist. Love Story: The Beach Cottage tells the story of a woman who must go back to a beach house that she has not been to in forty years, in order to fulfill her father’s dying wish. But the catch is that the character, whose name is Sandra, has also left behind memories she would rather forget, memories of the joy of a first love, and the pain of love lost. The memories rise to the surface as Sandra revisits the Beach House, and players can take the bittersweet journey with her through six individual chapters.

The Chapters That Take You Along the Journey

Chapter 1 The Beach House
Chapter 2 The Beach
Chapter 3 The Magic Cave
Chapter 4 The Boat
Chapter 5 The Lighthouse
Chapter 6 Charlie’s House
Each of the chapters in this game coincides with different memories and events that took place years ago in Sandra’s life. The different objects that can be found in each chapter serve a specific purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled the player will learn a little more about Sandra and her story. In addition, the player will gain access to additional areas of the game and will move closer to completing the adventure. There are also various random games that the player may encounter as well, which will provide even more clues into the whole story behind the game.

Mac System Requirements

Being that this is a newer game the Mac system requirements are a bit high. In order to play Love Story: The Beach House you will need a Mac OS X 10.5 or higher operating system. You will also need 256 MB of memory as well, and you have to be sure you want to use that much space. Of course the game can always be removed later if you need to gain the memory back too. Other than that there are few other requirements you need to play this very different game. It seems that so many games are the same these days, so why not change it up and play something a little different for a change. You never know, this Love Story may just inspire you in some way.
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