A Magical Trip Through The Jaisalmer Desert

A Magical Trip Through The Jaisalmer Desert

A trip is incomplete unless you experience the place in all its glory and more. Can you imagine going to Goa and staying away from the beautiful beaches or visiting Agra but not seeing the exquisite TajMahal? A trip to Jaisalmer without camping in the desert is as abridged an experience as food without salt. It will fill you up but you won’t enjoy a morsel. From the moment you set foot in Jaisalmer, you are transported back in time, we’re talking centuries.

Jaisalmer, a quaint city in Rajasthan, is home to several charming sandstone forts, stunning Havelis, spectacular views and the Great Indian Desert, Thar. Whether you’re riding through the desert on a camel or just enjoying a peaceful moment gazing into the sky, this is an experience you’re sure to remember for a long time to come. Desert Camps in Jaisalmer range from the very basic to all out luxurious offering an array of services at different price points. We do recommend doing your research to find a camp that suits you best.

Things to consider are:

Accessibility – Although most of the camping sites are located near the main road, if you’re traveling with the elderly or kids, it’s best to find one that involves less walking and is more convenient to reach.

Budget – As mentioned earlier, the campsites range from basic to uber-luxurious based on your budget. If you’re on a shoe-string budget but the Jaisalmer Desert Camp experience is too good to forego, pick a basic tent that provides a comfortable bed and meals. You may find camps that have a private or a shared bathroom and a dining hall. Camp managers arrange evening cultural programs with dazzling folk dances and lovely Rajasthani music, camel rides, jeep safaris and a multitude of options to choose from. If your budget allows, however, nothing beats staying in a luxury tent in the desert that offers everything from a multi cuisine menu to a temperature controlled swimming pool with a Spa, a Tea/Coffee maker and sometimes even a DVD player.

Tourist or Local – Everyone these days is looking to experience a place as a local rather than a tourist. Touristy stuff is cliché, expensive and crowded. If you’re in for a more real experience, talk to the locals and find out the best camps to live in for the most authentic experience or you can just find yourself a quiet spot on the glittering sand and lie by yourself enjoying the sunset.

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