A Menu Vegans Love

The most challenging part for vegans is when they dine out because oftentimes, the menu of most restaurants has limited vegan options. But fear not. Being a vegan doesn’t mean that your dining experience away from home will be less enjoyable and will be a problematic situation for you. Fortunately, we also value and respect the vegans cause and endeavors that is why we have these amazing dishes that cater especially to your vegan guests.

Vegan Salads

Salads are the safest choice for vegans since there are restaurants with salad bars containing a variety of vegetables for you to choose from. Just be mindful of dressings like cheese which can be easily replaced with guacamole dips. If available, you may opt to use balsamic vinaigrette to enhance your salad experience.

Veggie burgers and sandwiches

Vegans can now enjoy one of everyone’s all-time favorite snack: burgers. These veggie burgers contain patties made from either sweet potatoes, corn, beans, tofu, mushrooms or nuts combined with the usual burger companions such as tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onions and the like. Moreover, you may enjoy sandwiches with vegan dips as spreads such as hummus and mixed with vegetables like avocado, tomato and lettuce or other roasted veggies to add a twist.

Vegetable soups

Vegetable soups and stews are a joy to eat even without meat. With the innovative recipes that can be made from rich and flavorful vegan condiments and veggies, surely you’ll enjoy your soup as an appetizer or meal while it warms you during a cold night. The different grains, root vegetables, beans, carrots, mushrooms, rice noodles and organic pasta are just the right ingredients for making the perfect soup.

Vegan pizzas

Enjoy your organic pizza made from vegan crust, garden fresh toppings and even vegan cheese that is perfect not only for vegans but for lactose-intolerant people as well. Ditching regular meats in exchange for a healthier freshly made garnishing is a good choice for non-vegans, too.

Roasted or steamed veggies

Nothing can go wrong with roasted or steamed veggies for it perfectly goes with every meal. As a good side dish, vegans can feast away with these yummy seasoned vegetables on their dining plates instead of eating oily fries and wedges.

Veggie burritos and tacos

For a meatless Mexican dish, vegans can now enjoy burritos and tacos made from vegetables and vegan-friendly sauce. Your tacos can be wrapped with corn tortillas and be stuffed with the flavorful grilled or sautéed vegetables such as corn, black beans and poblano, or zucchini, peppers, onions and mushrooms, or any combination that goes well. The same applies with burritos only that it is served with rice and other grains as a filling.

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As you can tell from the vegan dishes listed above, vegans have a lot of options to choose from these days so everyone can enjoy a good meal without limiting themselves. There are many innovative recipes made specially to suit specific needs so there is no need to worry. We understand everyone’s cause, and you can count on us to prepare you the best vegan dishes so all your guests will the best dining experience on the special day.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.