A New Business Sport from Chalong Muay Thai Training Camp and Martial Art Gym

Muay Thai is not a new martial art. It has been just recently recognized as one of the leading sports in many gyms and academies because more and more people are getting acquainted with its many health benefits. Indeed, Muay Thai is more than just kicks and blows. It is a progressive way to attain multiple health benefits and the leading sport for health and fitness in Thailand.

Muay Thai has been recognized as one of the most lethal martial arts, and it is the most emblematic sport practiced in Thailand. It dates back from thousands of years in the history of the Thai people, starting as a secret martial art by the Buddhist monks and slowly becoming one of the most prominent types of training in the military and the culture in Thailand.​

Different from many other martial arts, Muay Thai involves all of the articulations in the body. It is regarded as the art of the eight limbs because there’s actually no part of your body you will be left behind by practicing this sport. Thus, it is more than a functional sport, and it is more than just personal defense. Muay Thai is the national sport in Thailand, and a reliable way to prevent certain medical conditions and diseases.​

One Muay Thai session may start out to be very easy because we go through the basics before going ahead to the most advanced moves and succession of strikes. But as you progress, you will see how the aerobic capacity in your body changes altogether. By training Muay Thai and progressing to a more advanced level, your heart will be strengthened, and your muscles will be able to withstand more and for a longer time. You will improve your fitness capacity by increasing your physical performance, enhancing your endurance, and improving your muscular strength.​

All over Thailand, Muay Thai at Chalong Muay Thai is treated as a national pride by the Thai people, and there’s no way foreigners should miss this emblematic sport as a part of their visit to the country. That’s why we have training camps dispersed throughout Thailand, and they are specialized in helping locals and foreigners to learn the art of the eight limbs. This sport is definitely one of the things you need to experience in your next trip to Thailand, and by doing so, you will want to bring it back home.​

In our training camps, the Muay Thai program in Thailand at www.chalongmuaythai.com will walk you through the basics to the most advanced trainings. As a result, you will not only lose weight, but improve your overall health, your self-esteem, confidence, and attitude towards life. Muay Thai is a sport that joins both aerobic and anaerobic training to bring multiple benefits to your cardiovascular, immune, and metabolic health. It also builds your character, improves your mood, and it is an excellent way to get to know a bit more about Thailand and its culture.​

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