A Perfect Steam Shower Installation

To get a perfect steam shower installation, it is good to understand what comes first; when it’s a suitable time and how you should proceed. No matter how good your steam shower may be, if the installation is not properly done, you will end up having a product which is not totally worth your hard earned money.
This article will introduce you to how you will be able to shop for the best steam shower, one that is fully effective and will give you the maximum benefits that you need.

The water feeds

The first thing in getting a perfect bath tub or steam shower is a cold and hot water connections. All the steam cabinets should work with a 15mm connection. Behind your unit, you need to have a water supply for both hot and cold water ready to be adjusted onto your steam unit.  The back connection of the steam cabinet valve will have a main connection of about fifteen millimeters. A good way to make the connection between the supply and the main unit is through the braided flexible hoses.  This hose allows more flexibility to move the unit forth and back. Connections made via hoses should be 15mm threaded on the valve.

The waste pipe

The second installation step of a steam shower is the waste pipe. To enable your unit to fully fit against the desired corner without modifying or cutting the unit, your waste pipe must be supplied under the floor. Again due to the necessity of fitting the steam shower unit around while the building is taking place, connections to the shower’s tap require to be made using a flexible waste pipe connector. With the steam shower the best accessories will be supplied, and if not, they are readily available for buying from local hardware stores.

Electrical part of steam shower

Most of good steam showers feeds are made by 13amp 240Volts connection. This should be taken into consideration when constructing them. The sockets should be on RCD to ensure safety where required and isolate the unit.
Your electrician should be well qualified on matters to do with steam shower electrical fixing. He should also advise you on safety procedures of the shower.

Rules you must never forget when installing a perfect steam shower

  1. Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethyne, shortened as PTFE, or what plumbers call the Plumber Tape should be used on every 15 millimeters connection
  2. Never screw up and tight until the end, as this allows panels and glass to twist or move into position as you progress.
  3. Check each of the components before starting
  4. If you need a Pressure Equalizing Valve (PEV), it should only protect the functionality and life of a steam shower valve while also ensuring that there is a constant temperature.
  5. If possible, fill the steam tub with water before starting to check any signs of leakage or cracks.
  6. Upon completion of the installation, leave your steam shower unit for 24 hours to let the silicone fully set before use.

Hopefully along with the above guide, and a little bit of your research, you can get a perfectly fixed steam shower that will be a fantastic place to relax and unwind. Correct installation means a lifelong featured bathroom.
Article written by Andrew Ellis from www.steamandshower.co.uk steam shower installation and equipment experts