A Successful Auto Garage Franchise Starts With Management

If you own a franchised auto garage or even run your own independent shop, then you are no doubt aware of the numerous challenges found in managing a crew of mechanics. Although these trained professionals and experienced specialists form the backbone of your operations, they can sometimes be less efficient than you would like. Regardless of whether this lack of productivity stems from insufficient equipment or the employees themselves, you want to make sure that everyone has what he needs to get the job done quickly and with as little fuss as possible.
Extra Ratchets, Wrenches, and other Tools
Many garages expect their staff to bring their own equipment with them to the job.  While any good mechanic will have his own tools, sometimes these sets are less than complete. Having to strip down a car is a process that often requires almost every sized wrench and ratchet attachment that a toolbox contains. Should there be any omissions in one’s array of tools, then even the most rudimentary car maintenance jobs can become a time-consuming chore.

As such, a shop owner should consider stocking his garage with a spare set of wrenches and ratchets for his staff to share. While a manager should always encourage his employees to carry their own equipment at all times, they will still definitely benefit from having some extra tools on hand.
Everyday Supplies
Although there are certain supplies that all auto garages should provide its employees, not every manager offers its staff the same resources. When supplying the shop with gloves for working on repairs and maintenance, nitrile gloves provide the best level of quality for your employees. There are numerous options available when it comes to purchasing nitrile gloves with selections ranging from disposable gloves to reusable ones. These gloves allow mechanics who are allergic to latex to work without hassle while providing unparalleled protection from workplace hazards for everyone.

Other welcomed supplies for your workforce include well-made uniforms, washable oil rags, and other conveniences. Although you could opt to save a few dollars by giving your staff the bare essentials, you’ll quickly find that you’re spending more money in the long term by having to replace supplies due to wear and tear.
Better Privileges and Options for Employees
Even though you may not consider employee perks to be assets to your business, they still make an immediate difference in your daily operations and overall productivity. While nitrile gloves and extra tools have their use, they will not be nearly as effective if your employees are unsatisfied with their jobs or the way they are treated. Being a compassionate and understanding manager means giving your mechanics more paid time-off, more sensible hours, and flexible shifts. If you take the time to treat your team right, they’ll respond in kind with a more dedicated work ethic and better results.

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