A Virtual Office Online Is No Longer A Dream With These Technologies

Virtual office cloud computing helps your office to be present wherever you go. With the latest technologies, you can conduct business and carry out your business processes and transactions from anywhere in the world. New cloud computing solutions allow you to have your office setup in a central location, which can then be accessed from any point with internet connection. SharePoint Online Pricing is affordable and with so many free features, you are putting your business on the cloud for almost no cost. Besides, you will be able to improve productivity and increase cost savings, all of which can help you get manifold returns.

What is SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is the next-stage Cloud solution over the successful SharePoint. It is hosted, maintained and updated by Microsoft. It can be availed as part of Office 365 package or even as a standalone solution. All the latest features from Microsoft are rolled out on it even before they appear on SharePoint.

You will not have to be worried about setting up, maintaining and managing the infrastructure. SharePoint Online is based on Microsoft servers. All the updates are made automatically. All you have to do is to take advantage of the latest features. The cloud solution has 99.9% uptime, which is again guaranteed by Microsoft.

Build Your Free Website – Setting up your virtual office doesn’t have to be an expensive and complicated affair. Have your website built in an instant and without any costs. Develop and configure your site to serve any purpose. Your business may need an intranet to connect all your employees. You may build an extranet to allow your clients to connect and interact with your business. It can be a simple document management system or a simple public-facing website. Share data, information, files or communicate with your employees or clients on this platform.

Centralized Documents & Tasks – Save time by having all your business documents and tasks stored at the central location from where all your employees can have access. Manage documents and tasks from anywhere and at anytime. Share, edit and save documents or allocate and track tasks.

Work on Any Device – Your employees can be anywhere – meeting clients, at home, or on vacation. SharePoint Online allows everyone to work on almost any device. They can remain connected and work on any computer system or mobile device from any location. There is no limitation to what platform they are using – Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or BB. Give your team the complete mobility and freedom that comes with the SharePoint experience.

Go Virtual Instantly

Your virtual office online should no longer be a dream. Apps4Rent offers free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013, allowing you to build your website, intranet, CMS, document management system, data repository or any other system to empower your business processes. CloudAppsPortal.com offers you free templates, themes and apps so that you can have the best functionality for your business needs.

Apps4Rent provides cloud hosted desktops to power your virtual office. Your employees and teams will be able to access your company applications, accounting software, email, CRM/sales applications, business apps, or even MS Office package on their device without the need to be restricted to the office. Clouddesktoponline.com allows you to access the applications through a browser or Remote Data Protocol on any device.

Carry Your Office Wherever You Go

Apps4Rent provides Virtual Desktop Hosting on its servers and allows you access from anywhere. You will also get high quality support, interface consistency, and package flexibility to suit to your business’ needs. These technologies allow you to have your virtual office online while keeping your costs extremely low. Your teams will no longer have to be confined by the desktop. You can check reports, tasks and documents on the go and take decisions. Share information, work, and designs with your clients on your mobile device or laptop. Interact with teams and clients anytime, anywhere. Do all this while earning cost savings.