A Visitor’s Guide To Cupar, Scotland.

Surrounded by vibrant Highland scenery, Cupar is the pinnacle of Scottish beauty. With fields of grass and moors to climb, Cupar will provide a truly country experience. Although its name means the ‘common land’, there is nothing common about this town. From its Scottish Deer Centre to its Carnie Fruit farm, Cupar is full of unique experiences waiting to be enjoyed. With activities catered to adults and children alike, this town is a great holiday location and one which will keep families thoroughly entertained.

Unique Experiences
With over 140 deer to see, the Scottish Deer Centre will have both young and old completely captivated. With these beautiful, endearing creatures close as can be, visitors won’t be able to stop gasping in admiration. Along side the deer, red-native foxes, wolves, black highland cows and many other animals are also kept in the centre’s luscious, green grounds. A once in a lifetime experience, the centre will enable visitors to witness these majestic creatures firsthand. With both indoor and outdoor play areas for children as well as a treetop walk, where red squirrels can be spotted, this attraction is an ideal way to spend the day.

Cupar’s Carnie Fruit Farm is another unique experience and one not to be missed. Boasting a mega maze, which grows as tall as 8 ft, children and adults are bound to lose themselves in fun! The crop is believed to grow an inch a day, making this attraction a slightly confusing but absolutely brilliant experience for families. For those who don’t want to tackle the maze, there is a cute, country tea room where they can sit and enjoy an afternoon cup of tea and a delicious jam scone, whilst waiting for other halves and children to complete the labyrinth. After experiencing the delights of the tea room, visitors have the opportunity to hand-pick their own strawberries as well as buying some fresh, highland fruit from the farm’s very own shop.

Leisure Activities
For golf enthusiasts, Cupar is definitely a town worth visiting. The pride of the town, Cupar’s golf club has been named the oldest nine holes golf club in the world. Founded in 1855, the club is a classic and timeless beauty. These stunning Scottish grounds, will provide golfers with a relaxing and enjoyable day. With a bar and restaurant, visitors can spend their entire day here and maybe even their whole week! Open to non members and catering for both advanced golfers and beginners alike, the golf club is one of Cupar’s top attractions.

For those whom golfing is a dangerous sport which usually ends up with a hole in a window instead of a hole in one, Cupar has many other activities to offer. Badminton, squash and swimming can all be found at Cupar’s Sport Center. Whether visitors fancy a swim in the 25 metre pool or a work out at the fitness centre, Cupar’s Sport Centre will help use up some energy for those with Duracell powered bodies. For cheap car hire in Scotland to see Cupar and its surrounding areas visit eRentals.

Dining Delights
For couples who want an evening of romance, Capriolo Italian Bistro is the perfect little spot to start out the night. With authentic Italian dishes and a cute, cosy atmosphere, this restaurant will provide that magical ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment. For those wanting to experience Scottish delicacies, Oastler’s Close is another restaurant to try. With its beautiful layout and delicious dishes, Oastler’s Close is bound to leave you more than satisfied.

From families wanting to experience unique days out, to couples desiring an evening of romance, Cupar is an ideal town to visit. No matter what the weather, the town is full of things to see and places to go, that will keep visitors engaged and entertained. Cupar’s fresh, Scottish air and beautiful green scenery, will have families singing in the hills, ‘Sound Of Music’ style!

Article by Maria Hubbard.

Image Credits: Glen Bowman,Wikipedia