A Walk Down Chandni Chowk

In a recent trip to Delhi, one of my friends insisted we visit Chandi Chowk. We had no specific agenda. We had a day free to ourselves with no care in the world. I mentioned that I am yearning for a local Delhi flavor and the name of Chandni Chowk popped up.

A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a walk down Chandni Chowk. This place has been around for more than three centuries. It is said that Chandni Chowk was visited by merchants from Turkey, Holland, China and far off European nations. Merchants came to trade and buy various things – gold, pearls, garments and spices. Even to this day Chandni Chowk offers a huge variety of things to buy in every price range.

Chandni Chowk is also home to some of the oldest establishments of mithaiwallahs. Delhi’s famous sweet shops have originated from here. Almost all of them have retained their original brick and mortar shops in Chandni Chowk while a few have ventured into the online space of order food in Delhi. If one has to order desserts online in Delhi, one must definitely look up for offerings from the age old shops of Chandni Chowk.

I have a major sweet craving. This particular day we chose to visit Chandni Chowk, my sweet craving came in full force. I mean, the air itself carried the smells and aromas of all kinds of sweetmeats. Saffron tinged jalebis, creamy textured rabris, milk sweets of all flavors and hues and the famous daulat ki chaat. This particular sweet absolutely tops my list.

Those who never tasted a Daulat ki chaat will think it to be one of the various savoury chaat items that Delhi is famous for. Surprise surprise!! It is a sweet and a very reputed one at that. It is best had by the road from the local mithaiwallahs than even thinking of ever looking up in order desserts online section of any famous sweet shop.

My friend and I stopped by at a local vendor, Raj who sported a happy grin and was announcing the best of Daulat ki chaat in the whole of Delhi. We were just too moved by his sincere marketing antics. We both ordered a portion of the creamy white fluffy looking thing. Putting aside all my thoughts of hygiene, I scooped up a spoonful of this legend of a dessert. The thing just melted away in my mouth. Encouraged by this first taste, we indulged in more and had to stop ourselves from ordering more because we were on a mission to discover the sweets of Chandni Chowk.

Our visit further took us to the shops of Ghantewala, Haldirams, Annapurna and Tewari Brothers. Oh boy! Each of these shops has delightful fares that leave you craving for more. One day is not enough to savor the delicacies offered in them. An interesting shop which was not on our agenda but one that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting was that of Pt. Ved Prakash Lemonwale. They sell two aerated drinks in the flavors and lemon and lemon masala. The latter is the most in demand as it acts as a digestive after all the heavy eating one indulges in Chandni Chowk.