Accent Pillows For Sofa – All That You Need To Know About Decorating Your Space

Many times it is not possible to give a complete face-lift to your room, so you need to think of ways to spruce it up in an affordable manner. The easiest and most cost-effective way to decorate your living room and bedroom is by adding a few accent pillows along with other pillows. Accent pillows are available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What are Accent Pillows?     

Accent pillows are special decorative throw pillows that are designed to create a focal point in your room. Accent pillows can be used to decorate your living and bedroom and they are mostly created to enhance the aesthetics rather than providing comfort.

Although available in various shapes and styles, the square ones are the most popular. To make the accent pillows stand out from the normal decorative pillows for couch, they are provided with laces, embellishments, unique prints, etc.

Accent pillows are available in home furnishing stores and can also be bought online. You can also get the pillows custom made, but they tend to be very expensive.

Tips to Decorate the Space with Accent Pillows

By knowing how to use accent pillows, you can get the desired look for your room. So here are some quick tips that will help you decorate your room with accent pillows for sofa:

  1. Get Variety of Pillows

Placing a single accent pillow will not be enough. To make your room look plush and comfortable, you need to place the accent pillow with many other normal throw pillows. If you choose the accent pillow with patterns such as floral, stripes, geometric, etc.; you must choose the other pillow in solid colors to create the best look.

  1. Look for the Right Space

You can toss throw pillows just about anywhere, but when you are using an accent pillow, you must identify the right space. If you are decorating the living room, then you can consider placing the accent pillows at the middle of main couch or sofa with several other pillows placed on the either sides.

When decorating your bedroom, you can layer the pillows and bolsters and then place the accent pillow right in the front, to create the perfect focal point. You can try out other ways of arranging the accent pillow, but make sure you create the right balance between the accent pillow and other pillows.

  1. Choose the Right Size and Color

It is also very important to choose the right size of the accent pillows. Ideally the accent pillow must be a bit bigger than the other pillows, so that it can catch attention. If the size is same as those of the other, it might not create the desired effect.

Moreover, when buying an accent pillow, you must see that it complements the colour and texture of the bed, sofa and other pillows. It is best to get a contrasting accent pillow, to create maximum effect. So if you have a beige sofa and have chosen light blue throw pillows, your accent pillow can have bright pink floral prints.

  1. Choose a Theme

This is completely optional, but depending upon your personality, you can choose a theme. For example, you can choose a nature theme – so you can buy pillows with floral print for a sofa/couch with a pastel shade and get an accent pillow with bold geometrics in bright red.

Decorating your room with decorative pillows has many advantages. Apart from being cost-effective, it allows you to renew the look quite often. Just change the setting or change the pillow covers to get a complete new look. So, you can now create a new look for your home without taking professional help – just buy the right decorative pillows for couch and get the desired look.