Accentuate Your Cuffs With Star Wars Icons

Darth Vader. Anakin. Skywalker. R2-D2. What do these famous movie characters have in common? Right, they’re all characters in the famous Star Wars film series.

People born in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s know about Star Wars and the original trilogy of movies that captured the imagination of movie goers, young and old alike. This popular movie hit the big screen in 1977 and since then, several sequels have been produced including The Empire Strikes Back released in 1980, Return of the Jedi released three years after in 1983, and then the less well-received but still very popular three movies that served as prequels

Now with the release of the Star Wars 3D series early this year, the fever for this well renowned flick continues. Fans of this Hollywood movie can get signature cufflinks that feature a range of designs. You can choose from the logo and comic Star Wars cufflinks as well as the movie poster, 3D Darth Vader and Darth Maul Head, Boba Fett helmet, Star fighter symbol, Storm Trooper, Yoda, Rebel Alliance symbol, R2D2 robot USB cufflinks and dome designs.

Buy these on the internet and you can get special prices. There’s no need to visit a physical store to get your favorite pairs because with the wide range of styles available online today, it’s easy and convenient for you to just order from your preferred retailer.

Those looking for one of a kind gifts for young and adult men, this is the item to purchase especially if they are fans of the films or science fiction/space fantasy fans. They’re sure to be an attraction when worn in the office, during business meetings and other formal occasions.

They make great collectible items as well particularly for those who collect Star Wars merchandise. It’s best to buy them today because who knows, they may no longer be manufactured in the future. It’s worth investing in these cufflinks because they’re licensed and therefore, are the genuine products with no imitations.

Star Wars was created by George Lucas and released under 20th Century Fox. It is considered the third top grossing film after the Harry Potter and James Bond series. In total, it earned $4.49 billion at the box office.

Owing to its great popularity worldwide, the film has inspired a wide selection of items such as books, TV series, video games, comic books, shirts and accessories to include the cufflinks.

Tim is a big fan of Star Wars and shares his love for the film through his blog posts. He uses several pairs of this Star Wars cufflinks which he is proud to wear every time.