Accessories To Improve Your Driving Experience

Driving is fun and generally a necessity.  The automobile was invented to further humanities desire for power, speed and even ingenuity.  However, as time has passed the automobile has moved from amazing achievement to a standard, often overlooked, part of every household.

In fact, people are now generally more interested in what can be purchased to go in your vehicle rather than the actual vehicle.  Of course, super cars are the exception as they still create the ‘wow’ factor.

The range of accessories you can buy is truly amazing.  You can opt to add a heated windscreen wiper or a state of the art stereo with subwoofers and big speakers.   The following accessories will improve your driving experience:

Heated Windscreen Wiper

This may not be the most glamorous addition but it is an important and effective one.  You can purchase these from Crystal Clear Blades; they are high quality and professionally fitted in almost no time.  The wiper looks like a standard one, but, when the temperature reaches a pre-set level the wiper will heat up; melting any ice in its path; in seconds.  Simply turn your wipers on and it does all the work; leaving you to focus on driving.

GPS / Sat Nav

Many modern vehicles now come with these pieces of kit built on.  It is interesting to note that these have become so popular whilst the heated windscreen wiper has not reached these heights of popularity at all!

A GPS system can be fitted as an aftermarket accessory and will assist you in getting to your location via the shortest or fastest route.  In addition, it can inform you of the speed limit, guide you where speed cameras are and even find you a restaurant or garage.  This is potentially one of the most useful accessories currently available.

The Dash Cam

This has become a surprisingly common accessory in cars and even on motorbikes and bicycles.  The dash cam is discreet and it allows you to video your journey or take pictures.  The very latest ones can be activated via your voice making them truly hands free.  Not only is it fun it can add a little education and training opportunity regarding the way you drove on a specific journey.  Most of the most recent versions will also warn you if you depart from your lane.

The Anti-Sleep Alarm

This small sensor has two loops through which you place your fingers.  The sensor monitors your hand movement and will sound an alarm as soon as it detects less movement.  It is said to be able to detect drowsiness before you even feel it; making it possible to alert you before you doze off.

Cell Phone Holder

One of the most frustrating things in modern vehicles is the lack of places to put your cell phone.  Fortunately, this dilemma is easy to solve.  Choose from one of the many aftermarket car phone holders and then just add it to your car.  It has the advantage of being able to be positioned wherever suits you best.

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