Accessorise Your Home With Wood

If you want to give your home a stylish, comfortable and natural feel then wood could be exactly what you need. Thanks to the popularity of out of town DIY stores it’s become far more fashionable to dress our homes with cheap materials than it once was.

However, in recent years as people have begun to worry more about issues such as sustainability and environmental impact; in addition many people are choosing to employ skilled craftsmen and buy well made items rather than mass produced cheap and cheerful junk.

If you want a new look in your home then why not think about making wood home gifts the main feature of your decor. Here’s how:

Many of us have a beautiful source of natural wood in our homes that we choose to keep covered. I’m talking about floor boards. Sanded and varnished floorboards look fantastic in any home and are much warmer than other hard flooring such as lino or tiles.

Painted floors are also very fashionable and are great for creating a colonial or beachside feel in your home.

Dress up your wooden floors with luxurious rugs to add texture and warmth and paint stripes of various bright colours onto the floor in kid’s bedrooms to give it a youthful fun feel.

Many older homes were unfortunate enough to have the character ripped out of them in the 1950’s and 1960’s so if your home has suffered this fate replace your hardboard or MDF doors with real solid oak doors. Wooden doors that are in keeping with the age of your home are a fantastic way to inject some character back into a space and they’re durable and long lasting too.

When it comes to furniture it’s so much nicer to buy solid wood than poor quality MDF. When you opt for wood you have so much more choice because there are so many different types of wood to choose from. If you think you can pull it off you can even put different wood furniture together. For example, red cherry and blonde pine can look great together in the right environment.

If you haven’t got the budget for solid wood furniture then choose wooden accessories instead. Adorn your walls with wooden photo frames and mirror frames and look out for carved sculptures for your shelves.

Take the wood theme even further with some sandalwood or pine scented candles to add to the atmosphere.

Jade is a home stylist from Birmingham, UK. For more home loving accessories check out the range at