Accident At Work IPhone App – Let Your Phone Help You!

Accidents in the workplace can be some of the most distressing, as the working environment is the one place you assume is safe.
However, whether you work in an office or on a farm or in construction, accidents can happen very easily and quickly, giving you little time to think about what to do.
In retrospect, it is easy to tell yourself that you should have taken a photo or videoed the scene, or asked for the name of a witness who maybe saw what happened.

But even if you only sustain a minor injury treatable at A&E or by a doctor on site, the shock of having an accident at work can leave you reeling and too upset to think about what to do.
Technology is now on hand to help you in case of an accident at work – and a free app has been developed for iPhone (Blackberry and Android) which will take you through the four essential steps of logging an accident at work, plus taking photographic and video evidence, witness statements and contact details for workmates and those who witnessed what happened.
The accident report app is known as the Accident Toolkit and is just as useful for recording the details of road accidents as injuries in the workplace.
The first step in the Accident Toolkit app is to enter your own details and place where the accident happened, plus any other basic details such as the make of your car if you were involved in a road accident.
Step two of the Accident Toolkit app is to collect the name and contact details of any other parties involved, such as another driver or a colleague who was involved in the workplace accident.
Step three of the Accident Toolkit app is to take names, contact details and witness statements from colleagues or bystanders who witnessed the road or work accident.
The fourth and final step of the Accident Toolkit app is to send your details and report to a dedicated hotline manned by accident experts, who will forward the details of your workplace or road accident to a reputable firm of personal injury lawyers.
The details of your accident will be assessed and a PI lawyer will call you back to discuss making a claim for workplace accident compensation to help you get back on your feet again.
Accidents at work may not always seem serious, but even minor injuries can take time to heal. In the long term, even minor workplace injuries can affect mobility, or lead to other conditions such as arthritis if you fracture just a finger, for example – and such injuries might also impair your ability to type or grip objects properly once the injury has healed.
The Accident Toolkit app also offers a personal injury compensation calculator – and has GPS, so you can find the nearest services you need, like a doctor’s surgery or A&E.
More information is available from the App Store
An“>injury in the workplace can be a daunting thing to pursue a claim for. You don’t want your job to be effected. Solicitors can help you get round this problem.