Add Charm To Your Home With Victorian Christmas Decorations

Filling your home with the spirit of Christmastime is a cherished tradition, and the addition of Victorian Christmas decorations can make the holidays more beautiful, as well as add to the timeless essence of the season. Wreaths, tree ornaments, table settings, wrappings, and more can reflect the Victorian motif.

Because these decorative wreaths were made with local berries and greenery, they are still easy to make today. A Victorian wreath can be made by bending wire to form the frame of the wreath. Cover the frame with your favorite greenery–in Victorian times, bay, yew, and holly were used. Next, attach ribbon or raffia to the top of the wreath for hanging. To add the Victorian Christmas charm, using florist wire, add pine cones, fruit or berries or anything natural for color and texture. Your wreath is now ready to hang on the door as a welcome to your holiday home.
Victorian Paper Ornaments
Simply made, the Victorian household began preparing paper ornaments well in advance of the holidays. You can make your own rendition with paper, ribbons, paints and scissors.
Make a chain to go around the tree by cutting equal strips of red and green paper. Fold into loops and glue, adding one link at a time. Red and green can be alternated or purple, gold or maroon added to give it the look of Victorian times.
Another Victorian Christmas ornament is the cone made by simply folding and gluing a square of cardboard. These become cornucopias and can be now decorated with paint or ribbons. Victorian images of angels or cherubs can be pasted on the outside. Thread ribbon through the top, fill with candy or lightweight goodies and hang on the tree
Dried Fruits Ornament
These Victorian tree decorations are easily made by slicing and drying fruits such as oranges or limes and drying berries. A string or thin ribbon is then threaded through them, making a colorful hanging decoration.
Cinnamon Stick Ornament
Wrap a few sticks of cinnamon with colorful ribbon, thread berries, and tie the ribbon to the tree. This can also be done with pinecones. Both add the look of nature and tradition to your tree.
Mistletoe Ball
A favorite Victorian Christmas decoration is the hanging of mistletoe under a greenery ball. Two wire circular frames are wired together to form a globe. String is wrapped where the two circles join, binding them. The frame is then covered with woven greenery, such as holly, yew or ivy. A ribbon is tied below the globe and mistletoe is suspended. The mistletoe ball is then hung above a door or in a special place, ready for kissing to happen.
The Christmas that we know today actually began in the times of Queen Victoria. In honor of her marriage to Prince Albert of Germany, Christmas was celebrated by decorating the tree with fruits, sweets, and homemade decorations reminiscent of his family holiday in Germany.
Pay honor to this tradition and celebrate your own Victorian Christmas with uniquely beautiful decorations and the natural charm of these easily made decorations. With children participating, family gathers for simple fun and memorable times.
Francis Albert is a DIY enthusiast and enjoys crafting unique Victorian Christmas Decorations.