Adding Value To Your Home

A small space can be made to look larger and more inviting with the addition of some light and natural light is even better. If you have a habitable loft or cellar space consider adding some sky lights as well as some spot lights in the ceiling. This space can then be converted into something like an office or a playroom which means you can advertise your property with the existing bedrooms as well as the potential for another bedroom with minimal work.

Adding An En Suit
Whilst large bedrooms are considered a bonus it can be even more beneficial to convert some of that extra space into an en suit. If you have more than one bedroom that can be advertised as a double add an en suit into one of them.  It doesn’t have to be huge but having a toilet, wash basin and a small shower means you can increase the value of your property. If you’re struggling for space and your bedroom has built in wardrobes, try removing them as an en suit will add more value than built in furniture.
Stud Wall
A large room can be divided into two rooms with the simple erection of a stud wall which can instantly add to the value of a home. If you have one large living room, section half or a third of it off with a stud wall to create a dining room. Now your property can be advertised as having two receptions rooms instead of just one. This same technique can be applied to any larger bedrooms; if they can still function as two single bedrooms they can increase the value of your property.
Superficial Modifications
Whilst a lick of paint can easily be done by the new owners, your home is still likeier to fetch a higher value and spend less time on the market if it looks good. If you have any walls that have a statement colour or wallpaper on them, give them a lick of something more neutral like a magnolia. The same goes for simple fixtures and fittings. Make sure all light bulbs are working and any dingy lamp shades need to be updated. These may sound silly but they help your home make the right impression.
First Impressions
First impressions count and this is especially true for your home so look at the first thing people are going to see when they pull up. If they’re going to see an overgrown garden or chipped paint around the door frame you need to fix them. This is the sort of thing that can be fixed in a weekend and doesn’t usually require a professional tradesman. Look beyond the exterior and look at the windows, if people can see in this also needs to be kept presentable, clean curtains and no clutter on the windowsill.
Jessica works for a new business and has quickly become an expert in all things house and home