Advancement Of Technology In Latest Cars

Automotive industry has seen technological advancement, some are meant for safety while other are for conveniences, some of the top two cars with latest technology are;

1) Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the top vehicles that is equipped with the most recent technology, this has made this vehicle one of the most adored car worldwide. Some of the technology that it has been furnished with includes;

-Rear Mounted Camera

This is very helpful gadget to the driver during parking. The screen is mounted on windscreen, this enables driver to see what is behind without using side mirrors or personal help.

-Air Bag

The car has been fitted with air bag to reduce the impact of collision on passenger.

Some Mercedes Benz have collision sensor that signal for air bag to inflate just before collision. They are also fitted with steering air bag, passenger’s air bag and amazingly, latest Mercedes Benz are fitted with side air bag that ensures the passenger are secure when the vehicle is hit by side.

-Power steering- Mercedes Benz has power steering, this is very important because it saves on the energy driver uses in steering. The steering is powered by the vehicle, this makes driving more easy and comfortable.

2) Lexus

Lexus is also embracing technological advancement. Some of the latest technology in Lexus include.

Automatic high-beam control-Lexus as a system that can automatically increase or lower headlight by sensing the approaching vehicle. This is meant to ensure that the driver in the other vehicle does not lose his/her visibility. The car has cameras fitted in fore and rear part of the vehicle that detects the beam of oncoming and vehicles ahead and automatically switches the beam.

If there is no approaching vehicle, the beam will be increased and if it senses that a vehicle is approaching, the beam will be lowered gradually until the vehicle passes.

Global Positioning system

In some of Lexus vehicle it GPS has been installed, this helps driver to know the best and safe route he/she can take. This has been complemented by fuel finder which alerts driver when he/she is running short of fuel, more so, they can install fuel buddy may be installed which informs driver of the price of fuel at different filling station.

Car Video Recorder

Most of Lexus are fitted with car video recorder, is used to record movement of the car, it can be used to claim insurance such as to show the condition of the vehicle after accident.

It can be used by police to aid in investigations after accident. It can be connected to external screen to help in tracking of the vehicle if it is stolen.

Car MD

Some Lexus are fitted with car MD. This gadget helps to show the general condition of the vehicle. It trouble shoots and identifies any problem that the vehicle may be having, for example, insufficient breaking system, and it alerts the driver, then it automatically connects to website that will explain the problem. It also suggest some of the solution to the problem.

You can get more information on cars with latest technology by following DVLA you can also apply for a driving licence if.