Advantages of Using File Sharing

Online file sharing services are becoming more common in both private and commercial settings. It’s a simple way to transfer files around the Internet. Service providers like Share File offer affordable ways to transfer files of any size and of any type without all the hassle associated with sending an email attachment.

To help you decide whether file sharing technology is for you, here are some of the advantages of using file sharing.

Transfer Anything

There are no restrictions on the sort of files you can transfer with file sharing software. One of the major advantages is you can transfer videos. Videos are notorious for being large and too cumbersome to send through an email attachment or free version of file sharing.

It also handles more obscure file types. Specialist graphics and animation software creates file types not always recognized by some services. With a dedicated program, you have a way to transfer them.

Multiple Recipients

File sharing increases productivity. By sending a file, you can send the information to multiple recipients. As long as they have a password or a special link, they can access the data. It’s easier than individually sending files to people. You can also make sure everyone gets the correct files this way.

Transcend Limits

If you’ve ever tried sending a large amount of data, you know all about the problems caused by limits set by both your email and Internet service provider.

Let’s start with most email inboxes. There are limits in place to prevent large amounts of data being sent in a message. It’s normally about 25MB. This is good enough for most documents, but sending videos and sets of images isn’t viable.

Internet service providers usually have a limit set at 2GB. Whilst most will never hit these limits, companies sending significant amounts of data at one time will run into problems.

An online file sharing service provider such as by Citrix doesn’t obey these limits. They don’t come under the restrictions put in place by either of these providers. There’s still a set limit, but this is astronomical and won’t interfere with 99.9 per cent of users.

It’s Cheap

Software has a history of costing a lot of money. For business and individual use, it often turns people away from it, or even towards unsafe pirated services. Online file sharing doesn’t require anything more from the provider than hardware at a central base. The rest of their expenses are just for standard maintenance.

It allows them to cut costs and provide an affordable service. Most services have a very small start-up fee and a rolling subscription. Pay a little more and you can occasionally but your service outright.


Email attachments are notorious for being the targets of hackers. There’s very little stopping someone from hacking into an email inbox and getting access to every attachment you’ve sent. Affordable online file sharing services offer encrypted connections and fool proof security installations.

It’s why large corporations and government agencies have no issues using it to transfer files around departments.