Adventure Tourism In The Himachal

Those who are adventurous at heart and eager to indulge in wide range of adventure sports and other related activities can find the state of Himachal Pradesh to be a real paradise. The reason is there are plenty of things to be done here, something that is sure to pump their adrenalin and compel them to back again for more.

Adventure activities to indulge in

  • Trekking: There are said to be more than 300 well defined trails that range between 1,500m & 6,000m. This place is indeed a trekker’s delight. One can enjoy availing day treks, including trek routes to last for a day or two. It may also extend to some weeks. The trek can be gentle walks over those easy terrains or move across the gruelling and physically challenging expeditions. Mountaineers generally dream to cover the barely-accessible Spiti and Lahaul valleys. Kinnaur is said to lie on the famous silk trade route, provides that magnificent terrain that is ever changing. One can come across the pine forests, orchards full of apples, peaches, apricots, etc. and enjoy Hangrang Valley’s splendid isolation. Many treks are said to begin from Kullu Valley.

  • Sporting and Skiing activities: Kufri’s little hamlet is considered to be among the country’s oldest that is a popular skiing destination. There are slopes of different ranges offered by Narkanda that includes a beginner’s slope and an advanced slope. The slopes located here are a sporting delight for cross country skiers. This is because of its beautiful setting among the conifer and pine forests. Moreover, the area surrounding Solang does attract skiers to enjoy its natural extensive slopes during summer and winter. Manali region also offers skiers with the opportunity to indulge in their favorite activities during winter, while Rohtang Pass can be enjoyed during summers.
  • Camping and paragliding and other activities: Himachal Tour Package also offers the sports adventurists with the opportunity to go out camping or an expedition on their racing bicycles or paragliding. Tourists can also visit Naledra to enjoy playing at of the country’s oldest golf course. It is also considered to be a challenging place for golf enthusiasts. Driving along the highest highways of the world can also be quite interesting and exciting. Also, one can indulge in ice skating, mountaineering and rock climbing. Fishing can be explored in one of the numerous streams of Himachal, popular as angler’s paradise. It boasts of being rich in the best sports fish of the world, namely Brown & Rainbow Trout.
  • Water sports: One can experience white water rafting here, since Himachal does have numerous rivers that do offer exciting water adventures to be indulged in. The year-long activities here include kayaking, surfing, canoeing, rowing, sailing, water-skiing and swimming. River rafting opportunities here are offered by few rivers like the Beas near Kulu, Sutlej near Shimla, Chandra in Lahaul and Ravi near Chamba. Also, are present different other rivers that do offer fabulous scopes for river exploration and white-water rafting.

If the tourist is seeking adventure tourism, then it definitely has to be Himachal Pradesh.

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