Advertising Your Business With Bespoke Carrier Bags

Carrier bags have been around and available for decades from your cheap disposable carrier bags to the luxury printed carrier bags that have started to become must have items. Every store offers a carrier bag for you to carry your purchase(s) home in and the majority will often give you a printed carrier bag with their logo / store name on. This is a very clever way of marketing as you are effectively advertising their store for free at a minimal cost to the stores themselves (which is the cost of the carrier bag).

You will find that most stores are happy to take the ‘hit’ on the initial cost of having the carrier bags produced as the new customers that they hope to attract and spend money at their store should in theory far outweighs that and increase their profits significantly. Depending on how much you invest on having your carrier bags produced will obviously impact on the quality of the carrier bag and how long it will last. This is obviously significant as if the carrier bag is of any decent quality it will
be re-used and again be able to promote your store.

Another import factor when selecting the type of carrier bag you are going to use to promote your store is obviously the size and shape – for example you may either order varying sizes of the carrier bag for different items in your store or simply go for a larger standard carrier bag which can be used for all items purchased – this may depend on what your store is selling though obviously.

If for example you are a fashion outlet apparently you should opt for a handmade printed bag with your logo on that also comes with rope handles (my girlfriend informs me that these are good on the hands!) On the other side of the fence if you are a store that sells organic produce then recycled bags are recommended as this fits in nicely with you niche. You must ensure that when considering having carrier bags produced for your store that you think very carefully about the image you want to send over to potential customers and the message that you want to give. This will determine how many people become interested and visit your store – which will potentially increase the number of your carrier bags out on the street – which in turn will increase the number of visitors to your store and so on

Amspac are providers of bespoke carrier bags in the United Kingdom and have a wide selection available to suit all budgets and styles. Please visit us for more information.