Affordable Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Cosy

We all deserve to feel so nice and cosy in our bedrooms, which is exactly what we are here to help you do! Out of all the rooms in your house, you should be able to fully relax in your bedroom, whether it’s a chilled Sunday morning or you want to relax after a really busy day at work. We’ve chosen things that never need to be super expensive, so you can find something whether you want to spend £5 or £500. Plus, if you do move home soon, all of these things are really easy to take along with you. So, let’s get into it and find out how you can make your bedroom more cosy! 


Upgrade Your Bedding

The first thing you can do that makes such a big difference in any bedroom is to upgrade your bedding. The bed is the centre of any room, so when you put some effort into making it look great, it will brighten the rest of the room. 

The best way to make your bed feel really cosy is to start with simple bedding, like either white or cream duvet cover set, so everything looks so nice and fresh. Then, add lots of texture and warmth with your decorative cushions and throws, that will really make the space feel luxurious and cosy. You could spend as little as £30 and completely transform how your room feels. 


Change Your Lighting To Yellow Bulbs

One of the most affordable and important changes you can make to your bedroom is to change your light bulbs to yellow or white yellow bulbs! Bright white light bulbs can create a really harsh feel in your room, so simply swap them out for energy saving yellow or white yellow bulbs and the whole room will have such a nice, warm glow. If you live in an area where there are quite a lot of flying insects, yellow lighting can also help to reduce the amount that comes into your room! However, most importantly, you will feel so much cosier.


Avoid Completely Blank Walls

Having blank walls in a room can really make it feel empty, and therefore, less cosy. Having a couple of the walls blank is fine, but if you want to make the space feel cosier, then you can hang a few bits and pieces on the walls. One thing you can do is create a gallery wall, which is super affordable. Find some free wall prints you like online and print them off, then arrange them in different sized frames on the wall for a really cute finish. Or, if you want to make it a bit more personal, then print your favourite photos that you have with friends and family to create a kind of memory wall! Having memories around you is another great way to make your bedroom feel more like home, so this gallery wall is a win-win.  


Add Some Comfy Rugs

Another great thing you can do to make your room feel cosier is to add a couple of comfy rugs. If you have not very nice carpets or cold wooden floors, then investing in a couple of cheap rugs is a great thing to do. It can just make the whole space feel so much warmer, with such a simple change. You can get small rugs for as little as £5, so this is such a great way to bring some cosiness! You could even create a little reading nook in one corner with a rug on the floor, which will bring such a nice atmosphere to the space. 


Layer Your Window Coverings

Another thing you can do to make your bedroom feel cosier is to layer your window coverings. If currently you just have one set of blinds or curtains, it can make the window areas look quite basic. However, if you do some layering it can completely change the look of the window. It can also help to keep a bit of extra warmth in during the winter months! 

If you have a set of blinds, get yourself some curtains as well, so you have the nice covering of the blinds and then something a bit softer with the hanging curtains. Or, if you already have a pair of curtains, get yourself a sheer set of curtains that can sit behind your existing ones. This way, you can control the light easily and the whole window will just look so much more balanced when you have a few different components. 

You can actually get blinds and curtains for fairly cheap online, so have a good look around to find the right fit for you. 


Choose Calming Colours

Our next tip is to make sure that you are choosing calming colours! Avoid really bright or bold colours and instead, focus on a more neutral colour palette, with creams and tan shades. You can experiment with texture and patterns within this palette, such as having interesting wallpaper, but if you mainly stick to these colours it will really help to create a zen environment. You can definitely have some accent colours to show your personality through the room of course, but if you focus on adding something unique through the patterns and textures you will feel completely at ease when you enter the room. 


Add Candles

Another very affordable choice to make your bedroom more cosy is to add candles! Make sure you never leave the room when candles are lit, but they can make a big difference for a little cost. The flame of a candle is thought to reduce stress and increase self-awareness, whilst the scent can really help to put us at ease. Dot a few candles around the room in safe places and you should notice a difference in how you feel when you’re in the room. Candles have the most effect at night, so it’s best to save them for then! Or, create a dark atmosphere in your room and light your candles to enjoy a film afternoon. 


Add Touches of Wood

Adding touches of wood to a space is a great way to help it feel more cosy. If you have all very bright white furniture, it can make a room feel quite cold. However, when you swap that out for light wood colours like beech, maple or white oak, it just helps to make the space feel more natural and warm. You could do this by adding a few wooden shelves to your room, maybe you swap out one piece of furniture or choose a wooden tray and use this as a decorative feature on your desk or bedside table. Maybe you add a wicker light shade or table lamp. Your options are endless when it comes to this, and it will make such a big difference to your space.