Airtel Forays In The Market With High Speed Internet

Airtel Forays In The Market With High Speed Internet

Bharti Airtel Limited is among the leading global telecom companies in India. They have spread their operations to more than 20 countries across Africa and Asia. The company has its headquarters in New Delhi. When we look at the ranking of the telecom companies Airtel ranks 4th among mobile service providers; this ranking is in terms of number of subscribers in India. The company has a plethora of products to be offered – they offer 2G, 3G, 4G, fixed line services, high speed broadband services and also DTH services. Besides this they also offer various types of enterprise solutions – according to the recent studies made there are more than 307 million customers for Airtel till the end of November 2014.

Airtel has provided the customers with a plethora of Airtel internet plans – you can choose as per your requirements. You have choice to choose the latest Airtel 4g plans which is considered the best for internet plans. Besides this you have the internet for home wherein you can get the broadband connections. The main advantage of using the broadband connection is that you can get unlimited voice calls – along with the broadband. There are different plans available for those customers who wish to work from home.

Now comes the Airtel 4g plans – you have the 4g plans for the mobiles. You can choose from dongles and routers in case of 4g. The usage of these products is very simple you need to do Airtel 4g recharge as per your requirement and you can use them anywhere you are moving. You might think that the Airtel recharge plans especially the 4g is just meant for the 4g SIM but that is not the case you have the latest 4g hotspot with help of which you can convert your 2g, 3g into 4g. This is the latest feature which is offered by Airtel. You can choose various Airtel 4g recharge in this product. Now in case you have 3g SIM and wish to have a 4g then you just need to call up the customer care and they shall deliver the same right at your doorstep and that too the SIM is for free.

The best part of Airtel plans are that you can get a free upgrade from 2g or 3g – the company has also brought out that in case your internet can provide faster and better downloads the lifetime mobile bills be paid by Airtel – though this is a challenge the company is sure that it has brought out the best internet plans. Along with this Airtel also gives the customers a chance to check the speed of their internet live – before you decide to buy 4g you can test the speed live. You also have the facility of prepaid packs and you can use this 4g services anywhere across the globe. Now you need not worry about your internet connections while you are going from one place to another. You can easily download all your files in a jiffy with Airtel 4g.

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