All About Advisor Marketing

As a financial advisor, it is incumbent upon you to take charge of your marketing efforts. You have to be in touch with the needs of potential clients, while being in tune with the developments in the industry. The role of the financial advisor is one that is fraught with much responsibility. You have to focus most of your energies on making sure that the advice you give to your clients, gives them the financial leverage they desire.

But what about you? What is being done to make sure that future clients know about you today? How are you marketing yourself and your services? Advisor marketing requires a great appreciation for what marketing can do, and the insight to apply the best strategies to the needs of the industry. Let us share with you some tips on how to make marketing for advisors more achievable:

  1. Make sure that you have a personal website that’s up and running. “Under construction” or “coming soon” will not get you any business and trust us, no one who wants an advisor is going to keep checking the site to see if it’s working. Work with a web designer and a marketing specialist, to construct the best and most impacting layout possible for the clients you want to attract. Keeping it user-friendly and functional is where it’s at!
  2. Utilize the power of social networking to your best advantage. Make sure you have profiles on all the big hitters like Facebook and LinkedIn, and make sure that these profiles are informative and dynamic. Keep things concise, honest and easy to absorb, but also keep your info compelling. You want new customers to reach out to you and you want existing customers to refer you.
  3. YouTube is a video hosting website, and one of the most popular and successful marketing mediums available. Millions of people a day log onto the site and look up videos for information on the things that are important to them. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s also about the acquisition of knowledge. Every week or fortnight, post a video discussing advancements in the financial industry, and some tips on how to make said advancements work for your customers.
  4. If you’re going to run advertisements in your local newspaper, keep a publication schedule. One ad every few months is not going to do anything for you. One ad a week, however shows a level of consistency that people look forward to. Also, you can pitch the possibility of contributing articles about your industry to the paper. Should they be amenable to this, make sure to include your contact information, and a website address in your signature. Brand your articles and make sure they are a good read, every single time. Keep ’em wanting more.

Advisor marketing is a great way to make sure you get the quality and quantity of customers you want for your business. There are some marketing strategies you can employ on your own, but if you know that your time and savvy are limited, employ a professional marketer to work the magic on your behalf.