All About iCloud

All About iCloud

What is iCloud? iCloud is a remote storage facility for all of your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and much more.

It’s beneficial because with iCloud you can easily share information between all of your Apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and a computer, with all that stored information getting updated automatically and remotely – all you have to do is access the cloud. The first 5 GB are free, and then additional space is available for purchase.

This iCloud tool for Apple has all sorts of associated advantages. You no longer have to worry about backing up your phone to your computer. Every picture that you take is automatically stored to iCloud along with everything else of importance. You can use it to back up and restore data on your iOS device and it’s capable of taking daily backups when it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

What Other Types of Data does iCloud Back up?

  • Your personal settings, such as the screen brightness and call volume
  • Your app arrangement on your iPhone screen
  • Ringtones and text messages, apps, music and anything that you’ve purchased from iTunes
  • App data, like the account setup
  • Photos and videos associated with the camera roll features in iOS

How to Restore your Phone After a Backup:

  1. Go to settings
  2. iCloud
  3. Storage and backup
  4. Manage storage

You will then see all of the devices that are under your iCloud account. You will then be able to manage iCloud settings according to the device that you are using. If you wish to restore another device from a back up, switch over to that device and repeat.

If you are purchasing a second-hand phone, you’ll never know for sure whether you have just bought a stolen phone or not. Maybe this is a risk you are willing to take. If you do end up with a stolen phone, more than likely you will need to unlock your iPhone as well as iCloud. There are many iPhone unlock services that can assist you with this if you can prove that it’s not you who has stolen the phone.

iCloud is a simple tool that can make using your iPhone a lot easier. Don’t stress out about losing your photos or documents. With iCloud everything will automatically back up by itself. Remember that if you are running out of space, you can manage your iCloud storage through your devices.