All about Psychology Test


In many areas, particularly educational, conducting psychology test on a person by a competent authority preferably a qualified psychologist is a formal procedure. This test is administered on you after the psychologist builds up a rapport and makes you feel comfortable. In the education sector, this test is done for academic testing purposes. And although there are different types of tests, only a few are commonly used. Moreover the testing procedure follows certain general principles. However a majority of psychologists are unanimous in their opinion that a psychology test does not reveal anything other than data and information which can help an intelligent and qualified assessor in his assessment. But this data and information must match all your variables like family background, educational and health history and so on.

In case you have learning problems then the answers derived through this test may not be able to provide a definite solution. A different approach would be required and discussing that here would be out of context.

What is Intelligence?

According to a renowned psychologist, every one of us has different capacities. This is because of the functioning of the brain system which is referred to as intelligence. And intelligence can be categorized into seven different types. But we are unable to recognize the same for being trained under a faulty education system that mostly relies on numbers and words.

All human beings are intelligent and this intelligence is shown in different ways. This indicates that the usual IQ testing methods that the world is obsessed with may sometimes underestimate the intelligence of certain individuals. IQ figures cannot denote your intelligence to the fullest extent and at times it can lead to wrong analysis. If your IQ is high but you are unable to understand yourself or other people then you will experience frustration and unhappiness and also make wrong choices leading to constant disappointments. This theory put forth by this psychologist has very few takers but it has at least enriched the perspective of people about intelligence.

Why take a test

Psychology test helps to clear your dilemma in this regard. You get better insight about your capabilities and thereby become empowered to take an informed decision regarding education, career and life. This test is conducted in both verbal and written format. The objective is to gather as much information as possible as that will lead to more comprehensive assessment.

The most commonly applied test is the Wechsler test which is focused on children. Psychologists have been applying this test since the last fifty years or more and have been updating it at regular intervals. It is basically a test on intelligence.


Times have changed and all around you there is intense competition. You cannot ignore it and neither you can be slack in your approach. Since stakes are quite high, you need to gauge your capabilities minutely. That way you can be sure of treading on the right path. Psychological testing is one of those assessment methods that are relevant to your career goals and objectives. At least you will understand your present and this understanding will help you to carve your future.