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The invention is such a thing which can be common. Whether it is an idea of a technology or any business. But the thing is how to claim your authority on your idea, business or anything else.

For these concerns, one thing is there which is PATENT.

A patent is kind of grant of authority you can have to protect your property, business or any of your invention.

Before thinking of how to obtain a patent, one thing which is very important to keep in mind is that your patent is only valid and considerable in your country. If you have filed a patent in the USA and want to claim it in any other country, it will not be valid. If you want to have a patent for the protection in Spain and New Zealand, then you have to file and register your patent in Spain and New Zealand, not in your country. There is nothing to do with the world.

As registering a patent is very expensive, especially when you are a thing of registering it in some other countries. As for the patent registration, you also have to pay the maintenance fee along with the registration fee.

Utility model registration is just another thing which is very similar to a patent. But as compare to patent utility model registration is cheaper and has a short time of period of validity.

Types of patent:

There are mainly three types of patents. All three types of patents have their subtypes and own criteria to claim for a patent. Based on the invention.

1.Utility patent: The most common patent people look for is utility patent. A utility patent is a patent which engages the fields related to manufactures, machines and other processes. Anything which is technical or industrial and which are related to some kind of business and new ideas can be relatable with a utility patent. This patent can not only work in the new techniques and ideas but the existing one also. To register for the utility patent there are two types of applications.

  1. Provisional utility patent application
  2. Non-provisional utility application
  3. Plant patent: Plant patent is nothing but ultimately a patent for plants. If you have planted something which you think is unique or some seeds you have discovered or plant you have discovered by no-sexual plantation you can patent those plants.

3.Design patent: design patent is nothing but a patent done for the designed item, like paintings or some artwork or if you have designed shoes or bags or a bottle anything it might be. You can patent those items.

Importance of patent:

Gives right of authority: A patent is registered only to get the right to claim an object or get that object rightfully. The very most important part of registering a patent is you can claim the object excluding the others unless or until you give that authority to legally. It can prevent others from selling, manufacturing, importing or exporting your claimed items, ideas or business.

Limits the risk for the businesses: A patent can limit the risk of competitors and can clear the ground which is dominated by the one.

For the organization filing, a patent can help them to get prevented from getting copied from other companies. It can be ideas or technologies.

Give license: A patent gives license to sell or buy some other small startups or companies or technologies according to the patent rules and regulations. For better position whether it is economical or technical.


Ultimately, there is no loss in registering the patent whether it is a utility patent, plant patent or a design patent. Every company or an individual should file for the patent to get the proper investment return.

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