All about Transnational Messages

Even the top Transaction SMS Providers of India are now providing Transactional SMS gateway solutions which are based on templates & Premium Transaction SMS services and gateway software which can be integrated with various websites in addition to the Bulk SMS API.

Most of the leading and developing SMS service provider in Chennai have their presence in all the major cities and with the help of premium gateway services, the users are also no capable of designing, building, hosting and operating their own SMS applications.

They have multiple Gateway connections in collaboration with the major mobile operators of the country which helps them to offer the best, Premium and non-premium bulk SMS services which are web based and are helpful for the end users. For the Corporate users, HTTP API and SMPP bulk SMS/ streaming SMS gateway integration tools are also available. Some service providers even have the Premium SMS connectivity with international network operators as well and the reason is that it helps in reaching out to the customer no matter which part of the world he/she may be. So now the question arises, what exactly is Bulk Transnational SMS Gateway?

Transnational SMS gateways are basically used for sending important alert and informational text messages and since many companies are providing Templates for these SMS these are all secure and spam free. Certain examples of the free bulk SMS in Chennai are:

Information messages that are sent by financial institutions, banks, credit card companies and insurance companies to their registered customers.
Information messages sent by carriers such as Railways and airlines or their authorized agencies regarding the travel schedules, reservation and ticket booking of the passengers.
Information messages sent by registered educational institutions to the parents or guardians of their students.
Information messages sent by e-commerce agencies when responding to the E-commerce transactions done by the customers.
Information messages sent by a company, or a firm which participates in trading and stock market.
Information messages sent by companies to the employees or to its customers or agents about the goods and services to be delivered to customers.

Transnational SMS Gateway Allocated to the below mentioned categories only:

Companies that are registered
Registered Financial Institution and Banks
Sending OTP SMS for authentication and verification
Credit Card Companies
Insurance Companies
Education Institutions which are registered and also required only for sharing critical information with parents
Sending PNR and ticket details to passengers of the Airlines & Railway
Sending Stock Market Alerts to the subscribed customers only
Sending response to E-commerce deals made by the customers of E-commerce platforms.

What are the various features of this SMS service?

SMS are even delivered on DND Numbers
Excel Plugin are also available and also some can provide XML API, HTTP API, for free.
API Integration is done
Quick and rapid Delivery of the texts
Round the clock delivery of the messages.
Promote your company, brand or business name as you get a 6 Character Alpha Sender ID
Generate dynamic Message Delivery Report.
Aids in multiple connectivity since all the service providers are working in sync.
Password authentication is available
Integration of SMS notification services with the website is also possible.