All You Need to Know About DSL

All You Need to Know About DSLAre you looking to upgrade your Internet for your office in the near future? Hopefully you’re growing at an unprecedented rate, and it’s time for you to get on the fast Internet train. When you go ahead and finally decide that you need faster Internet, you then must choose which kind of Internet you want.

There are many different types of Internet out there, and some are faster (and more expensive) than others. You can choose between T1, Ethernet, and a DSL provider, and it all depends on your needs as a company. In most cases, DSL will be what you need.

There are two main types of DSL Internet service, and both have different features. Check out the differences between DSL and Dedicated ADSL to see which one will work best as the Internet for your business.


DSL Internet is a popular choice for many businesses because of its speed, reliability, and affordability. The most basic but biggest difference between DSL and dedicated ADSL is that with dedicated ADSL the phone line that receives the Internet is dedicated completely to data. With regular DSL, the customer gets a phone number from the telephone company, and uses that to access the Internet.

Both DSL and dedicated DSL support VoIP, and if you subscribe to Megapath cable Internet services you’ll get dedicated customer service and 99.5% guaranteed uptime.


The cost of DSL and different ADSL packages vary, although they don’t vary nearly as much as other Internet packages. With a dedicated ADSL subscription, you’ll be getting all the benefits of DSL but you won’t the shared telephone requirements that other DSL services offer. That means it will cost a bit more, but in most cases it isn’t a lot more.

Symmetric DSL is a bit more expensive, but worth it if your business requires speedy upload and download speeds. SDSL speeds are comparable to T1 speeds, but could be potentially hundreds of dollars cheaper each month.

The cheapest DSL of them all is the lineshare ADSL, which still offers very fast speeds. All of these options are available (in most cases) for under $100 a month, which is extremely affordable when compared to other Internet services.

Speed and Reliability

DSL Internet is known for its speed and reliability. No matter what kind of DSL Internet package you choose, you’ll be getting both. With a lineshare ADSL subscription, you’re getting a high-performance, fast connection for a good price. It’s not as fast as the other DSL subscriptions, because it’s a shared-line connection.

With dedicated ADSL, you’re getting your own line, meaning you’ll have faster Internet. It’s also considered a value plan, as it’s much more cost efficient when compared with other high-speed Internet connections.

And then there’s SDSL, which is the highest speed DSL subscription you can get. Since it’s a symmetric DSL, you’ll be getting incredibly high-bandwidth, and very reliable Internet. It’s great for a business with a lot of remote workers.

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