Allahabad – A City In Uttar Pradesh Immersed In The Pious Milieu Of Spirituality

Allahabad - A City In Uttar Pradesh Immersed In The Pious Milieu Of Spirituality

Situated close to the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers, Allahabad is an important part of Uttar Pradesh. If one considers just the name of the place, it seems to be a Muslim oriented place; however, Hinduism prevails in almost every corner of the city. Set in the eastern region of the parent state, it is distinctively noted for being one of the cardinal holy pilgrimages that host the magical and fervor-filled Kumbh Mela. It is counted amongst the oldest cities in the world that and was almost continuous inhibited by people since its inception. It originally went by the name Prayag, which is a Hindu name signifying the place of offering. Hsuan Tsang, a famous Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, and traveller, described the place as a part of Harshavardhana’s empire in his writings. Allahabad’s association with Muslims started in 1575 when it was visited by the Mughal emperor Akbar, who renamed it as Allahabad, which subsequently got modified into the current name. Being a very old city, that was also a significant centre of religion, culture, and literature, it is only obvious that the city has a rich cultural and traditional heritage. The timeless city still oozes the essence of old world. One simply cannot fail to experience to feel the time that is long gone when they visit the narrow streets and the pious ghats. It is simply expected from one to take out some time from their busy tour schedule and roam around the city and discover the true essence of Allahabad.

It is quite easy to guess that religion dominates every other aspect here. Visiting Prayag or Triveni Sangam is a-must, if you wish to completely relish holidaying in the city. It is one of the most-frequented places to visit in Allahabad and the venue of the historic Kumbh Mela, which is still celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. Additionally, a visit to the pious ghats is also advisable; the religion filled aura at the Ghats, devotees doing their rituals, and the chants that fill the ambiance, there is enough allurement to entice one.

However, it is also important to notice that Allahabad is rapidly moving forward towards modernization. The main commercial area is bustling and filled with the luxuries and conveniences of modernity. It is advisable to keep some extra time so that when you are done with touring the city, you could visit the market and see and experience the other aspect of the city, which is often dominated by religion. It is also a good opportunity to relish the sumptuous ethnic cuisines and buy some interesting souvenirs. The scene at the market is like every other typical Indian market, which is crowded, somewhat untidy, noisy, filled with a large array of shops selling colourful items. However, those who find certain allurement in chaos are going to have a good time.

From October to March, that is in post monsoon and winter season, the place remains ideal for a visit. Additionally, there are four railway stations in the city, thus making it easy to access the place. Catch a flight from your city, say Delhi to Allahabad flight, and embark a memorable journey of your lifetime.