Alternative Christmas Decorations To Help You Save Money

The holiday season signifies many traditional songs, merry attitudes, and togetherness. For most of us, it also means an added expense for the household budget. When it comes to Christmas decorations for your gift-wrapping, there are many cost-saving do-it-yourself projects that add a personal touch.

Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas
Rather than purchasing ribbon, wrapping paper, and gift tags, using every day household items and affordable store bought alternatives can create a beautifully wrapped gift.
Helpful Holiday Hint
Glue Gun: Substitute a glue gun in place of scotch tape for gift-wrapping Christmas decorations. It is faster and uses less glue than tape. It provides a clean gift with no tape marks.
Homemade Gift Tags: Christmas cards from seasons past make beautiful gift tag Christmas decorations In addition, they provide more writing space than average sized tags. All cards have beautiful scenery. Cut the scenery from the card allowing for writing space. Glue a sprig of holly and glue the tag to the gift.
Alternative Wrapping for Women’s Gifts: When wrapping smaller gifts for women, use a decorative ladies scarf as an alternative to Christmas decorations for gift wrap. Place the gift in the center of the scarf and gather the ends. Tie with old-fashioned twine. You are left with an originally wrapped gift while providing two gifts in one.
Homemade Bows: Homemade bows are easy to create and add to the Christmas decorations of the gift. However, you will need to purchase a variety pack roll of quarter inch ribbons. This process produces more than a bag of pre-made bows. Select your color and cut five or six strips of ribbon. The shortest strip should be at least 6 inches in length. Each strip should vary in length. Only gather one end of each strip. You should now have one group of ribbon with their other ends free to fall. Glue all the gathered ends together, one on top of the other. While holding the glued end in one hand, curl the free ends with your scissor shears. The result is a beautiful cascaded bow. Glue the gathered end to your gift and glue an old button over the glued end to hide. Cutting tufts from a string of garland works well as an alternative to buttons. Use different colored strips of ribbon for multi-colored Christmas decorations.
Homemade Ribbons: Before bringing your old clothes to the good will shop, select fabric with seasonal colors and designs. Cut the clothing into strips. Glue and fold the strips for a clean edge. Glue them directly onto the gift. The strips make a wonderful alternative to store bought ribbons.
Alternative Gift Containers: Instead of wrapping gifts in boxes, select various baskets you have around your house. Using a strand of garland, fill the base of the basket. Set the gift inside the basket and glue a sprig of holy or pine to the front. This is a unique alternative to boxed gift wrapping.
Tyler Catz is a craftsman and blogger who specializes in x-mas home decorations.