Alternatives To Living In A Fixed Abode

Looking at some alternative types of accommodation.
The majority of us aspire to attaining the comfort and security of our own home, the sanctuary and safety in a routine. However, for some people there is nothing more daunting than the responsibility which comes with homeownership and the prospect of staying in one place for any length of time.
If you are looking to free yourself from being chained to a fixed abode, are happy to downsize your possessions and are ready for a challenge, here are some examples of types of alternative accommodation which may appeal.

The Motorhome
One of the advantages of living in a motorhome is that it is not only your living quarters but your transport too! Wherever you need to go, your “house” and all your possessions travel with you. Perhaps you have fond memories of a fortnight travelling the length and breadth of Britain, realised you had all the comforts of home with you and enjoyed the nomadic existence. In a motorhome you are free to roam anywhere you wish in Great Britain or abroad, just pack up and move at the drop of a hat. The scenery changes daily, the weather and outdoor life become part of your daily routine and the world is your oyster when it comes to places to park.
The Canal Boat
Living on a canal boat offers you the freedom to travel through some of the most beautiful areas in Britain. Surrounded by peace and nature, slowly gliding through the waterways of Britain can seem idyllic. The unhurried pace of life aboard a narrow boat is the attraction for many people to this way of life, coupled with the camaraderie of fellow canal dwellers.  From the vantage point of a canal boat, you will experience many sights that travellers by road will never get to see.
The Horse Drawn Caravan
Often called the Romany caravan, this type of home was traditionally used by Irish travellers since the early 19th century. Compact and cosy, accommodating up to four people and with all modern amenities, the horse drawn caravan is approximately 5 metres long and 2 metres wide. Part of the fun in travelling by horse drawn caravan is the special relationship you build up with your horse, they requiring “fuelling” just like any of the above and their health and mileage limitations need to be taken into considerations. Travel by horse drawn caravan is a leisurely pastime but peeking over the hedgerows of Britain’s countryside reveals some sights to behold.
Tristen Freut shares his interest on alternative living accommodations on behalf of Compact Camper Hire – Motorcaravan Hire