Amazing Boutiques In Shahpur Jat For Designer Lehengas

Amazing Boutiques In Shahpur Jat For Designer Lehengas

Shahpur Jat is one of those less explored places in Delhi which most shoppers do not have a flying clue about. To be honest, it is one of the best and underrated places to shop for in Delhi. The shopaholics can get Indian wear mostly, lehengas. And if you are a blushing or a bold bride to be, this so-called village becomes amust visit for your trousseau collection, as you get things according to your choice and personality. Well, you might not find THAToutput of your pre-existing image of the bridal lehenga here, but yoursearch for a sangeet outfit, or a mehndi outfit or some nice Anarkali for your trousseau, might end here on a beautiful note (or, dress).

New age and rather less known designers are doing some awesomely fabulous work in Shahpur Jat. It was actually almost like a village in ruins until eight to five years ago. Most people are unaware of where to actually go in Shahpur Jat so that they can find the designer boutiques. So, the main area where the designers are located is called the Jungi House.

There are over 100 shops in that area, and you would be as spoiled for choice as you could be confused. Out of so many designer houses, designing in both Indian and western, in this article we have brought you the best four boutiques in Shahpur Jat for designer lehengas.

Monika & Nidhi

Monika & Nidhi tops the list for being one of thefavorite places for designer lehengas. The ensembles for lighter occasions can be chosen from here. They have super cute colors and silhouettes so try and get them on your vendor list. The floor length Anarkali gowns and peplum lehengas are perfect for occasions like cocktail parties and sangeet ceremony. They can also be adorned by the sisters and friends of the bride. The price range starts from 18,000 and goes up to 60,000 and above.


Agunj is defined by the raw edgyness. It is the shop on the first floor right at the edge of Jungi house. The quirky bride immediately falls in love with the clothes as it is a little bit unusual so not everyone’s cup of tea, but you. Moreover, they only have about 20 pieces in the store, but each one is reallyunique. They don’t have typical Anarkali and lehengas as their apparel consists of different silhouettes.


Kaira is for anyone who loves every color of the rainbow as it houses pops of neon and bright colors.This store has some uber cutecollections of lots of bright, light lehengas that you can wear for your mehndi or as a bride’s sister.


This designer has some bridal lehengas, but, Nikasha is the person everyone wants for their mehndi outfit. The uses of colors are superbly fabulous.Though the price range starts from 40,000; you can trust her to make you dress up the best for your mehndi ceremony.